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  1. Dan Nigel may have a valid point, I would remove the seal housing and sump re place seal centralise replace sump seal I find that using sealers causes problems the only one I would use is a Loctite product that Peugeot recommend for the crank seals on 1.9 diesels Regards Paul
  2. log on not responding ?????
  3. paul c

    Exmo - Breaking

    Dan You have pm paul c
  4. paul c

    Front Suspension

    transit drag link plenty on ebay
  5. Hi John Woody has is own car sorry for confusion .
  6. Hi John Dave Woods [woody] Paul
  7. John Could you put myself +Dave Woods in for September please?
  8. Would be up for September one if youwant to change date regards Paul
  9. MHR mate take it your enjoying yourself in Auss All the best Paul
  10. Hi mate Have a well deserved break it will still be there when you return? Unless the pixies sort it while your nicking all the sun!Give me a call before you go? Regards Paul
  11. John Could you please add Dave Wood, and Patrick Thirlwall to the list please? Regards Paul
  12. Put me down aswell please John no 27 if poss regards Paul c
  13. If its a westfield it could be a pre lit they had alloy panels
  14. John Why not offer to other clubs wscoc locost just a thought ? Regards Paul ps got my new tran x diff in now so looking for a big improvement
  15. Try A-Plan cheaper than flux and included break down cover
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