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  1. You should check out there website as some of there stuff is cheaper from them direct and dearer on ebay.Worth a check. Andy
  2. If the sat nav dont work he may as well let it droooooooooopppppp.
  3. a8dyc

    Cb Radios

    I dont know why but that did make me chuckle
  4. Arrg man salad for me tonight
  5. a8dyc

    Sva Test Tomorrow

    Good luck mate. Andy
  6. Wow that looks great and what a car to have at your age. Is that Gillingham in the back ground? Andy
  7. Something big and german...... Dont buy french.
  8. a8dyc

    Speed Limits

    That may seem silly but i used to work at some of the race circuits that had anti-tyre squeel restrictions on them.Not for race meetings but for company corperates and driving schools etc. MAD
  9. a8dyc

    Gel Battery

    Hi,my car has an 085 battery on it and last season managed to spill acid on the stainless.The cars been off the road for a bit but i want a new gel battery for it .Anyone know where to get a good priced one. Andy
  10. What a b*mmer,if the battery light came on could it be the alternator check the connections.When it stopped did it have a good battery still but wouldn't start?? Andy
  11. Select 2nd and then 1st seems like the best solution Then a gearbox when it really goes wrong. Andy
  12. Hi finally got some answers off this guy.The man that looked at it can t remember the code but I'm told its a PAT fault (what ever that is)The ecu is not sending a signal to the Immoblizer. Does that shed any light on it. I have the chance to buy this car but if its going to be a nightmare I may not bother. Cheers Andy
  13. I was watching this and has been removed by ebay so he must have broke some of there lovely rules. Andy
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