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  1. Tony Very interested in this. Where are you based? Martin
  2. Yes it's stripped. 2b wishbone front but Sierra rear setup. Would need engine dash clocks. Still in two minds. Not had time to build it so wether to sell and pickup a running mx5 for fun or hand on and get it rebuilt.
  3. Robin hood 2b It was running with log book. Stripped to rebuild then sat a couple of years. 2b carbon effect wings Type 9 box Capri 2.8 LSD Prop No engine All panels etc bonnet to rebuild Cobra bucket seats Needs rest of interior clocks.etc What is it worth as a project to put back on the road. Needs engine. Been offered £500 would have thought more in bits. IVA cost more than that.
  4. I have a Mondeo 2.0 blacktop but it need to go in the next few days. What parts are worth stripping for the zetec conversion? engine already thought of. anything else?
  5. crutch

    Tintop Hpi

    advice required. won tintop for wife on ebay. did quick hpi and shows outstanding fiance. contatced seller seems genuine and shocked about hpi report. He checked with evans halshaw where he bought it cash and they say it is clear and sent a report via experian showing it is clear. He offered for me to speak with evan halshaw directly and has sent me the report which looks legite. could this be an admin error, should i proceed seller is not a trader and seems straight. car is 8k thanks
  6. it has the standard silvertop sump, but i will shorten for clearance. I may have to go and get the bonnet as i am just not convinced. I could do with a rough bonnet depth guide i.e how deep the bonnet is from side rails to the top.
  7. My bonnet is in storage and i am fitting silvertop zetec and making mounts tomorrow/monday. what clearance is there on the nose cone / bonnet from the side panels etc I dont want to make the engine mounts to find out the engine is too high. thanks
  8. I have had a few without issues, but i built it myself from kit. There are 2nd hand ones on ebay but you have no idea if they work or not and how well they are built. I would suggest looking at a tested prebuilt one. All Ecu`s need rolling road for mapping or get a base map and a wideband lambda like innovate lc-1 to do yourself. Costs £150 against £500 for rolling road. As others have said, if you go for an emerald there are many places who understand them, with the MS there are less but plenty of support on the web. My MS kit cost me £200, plus £100 for innovate. A lot of time learni
  9. I am weighing up options for zetec turbo install. I am builiding so have any options available not tied to retro fit options. They are as i believe. 1. cut the chassis and do what ever needed. I have a good friend who is a great welder so cut and modify frame to suit. 2. Raceline water rail - more expensive than option 1 and heard they can leak. 3. Move engine forward and use standard water housing with longer prop. - More expensive than option 1 Any reason to not use the standard parts and mod the frame to suit.Would this be the best route? Anyone got any pics of their ins
  10. I do see what people are saying about not being negative but i do also appreciate the honesty (thats what this forum is about). I was one that did not go today due to the comments made. I had a choice of building the daughters swing/den or going the show. As it seemed poor (from comments read not just on this forum) i chose the swing (daughter very happy) I would have been dissapointed if not told it was poor. I dont think i would have been dissapointed by the RH club or members. I spend a lot of time in the garage building (mostly when girls gone to bed) but the weekends is a time i s
  11. nobody got any pics? not sure wether to make the trip tomorrow. I only want to go to the RH owners area get a few look at some builds.Are you saying thats free if i dont go in the hall? Even in the tintop?
  12. crutch

    Lottery Cars

    some nice motors there. Not sure on the Lada Riva though, it would have to be the Niva at least.
  13. crutch

    Lottery Cars

    Just extending a pub conversation of what 10 cars you would buy outside of the usuall supercars if you won the lottery. For me Lotus Cortina BMW M3 E30 Sapphire cosworth 4x4 Mk1 Mexico Escort E type Jag Audi Quattro SWB Mini Cooper Classic Lancia Delta TR6 Cobra I think i would buy many more than this but its a start.
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