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  1. yes V12 and Tunnel . [ i thought it was near Baldock on the new bypass but have only been through once] I thought, go through the tunnel then realize had gone the wrong way and then have to do a U'y and go back through the tunnel again. i did suggest this to Chris but not had a reply yet. still a child at heart. lets hope i don't have to push it, it would not sound the same.
  2. Update got the car back today brakes are now OK but the engine is running rough, and the head lights have stoped working on main beam will try to make it on Sunday [Chris are you going to the Baldock meet? Do we go through the Tunnel ?] would be nice to have some company with a tow rope [only joing towing without the engine running no no no it weights about 1.5 tonnes mind you maybe a lots less without me] Grant
  3. I will definately be coming to Stoneleigh as long as the cars working ok, it's in the garage at the mo. as the rear inboard brakes are sticking because it's had little use [lots of smoke after 5 miles ],and they are hard to get at with out a ramp as they are right next to the diff., and the weather as the hood is the week point on my car., Grant
  4. Thanks everybody I live near Cambridge only about 10 miles from Chris now thats a coincidence [Cottenham near Cambridge]
  5. Sounds Great do i just turn up or do people meet up and go in convoy [sorry not sure where i sould be looking for the info]
  6. Thanks for the welcome Would love to come to Stonleigh but not sure how the club would react to a car that's not the norm. my car was factory built apart from minor finishing, they took the body off an XJ12 shorten and strengthened it and fitted as far as i can tell an exact fibre glass body copied from an original Daytona [thats sounds easy but it must have been a major task to source the parts, windscreen etc.] [ i have all the original sales literature and invoices] so it looks like the real thing pretty much but with Jag mech. and V12 although a later BMW manual gear box has been fitted instead of the auto.
  7. Hi I have a car built by Robin Hood engineering in the early 1980's which is a Ferrari Daytona, based on a Jag XJ12 platform. doe's anyone know if there are any more in your club? sorry if this is in the wrong section [new to the club] Grant
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