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  1. obviously there's umpteen options, one thing is deciding what pedal feel you want.if i recall correctly cyclinders that were made to be married to a servo have larger bore sizes and therefore the pedal travel is shorter but more 'leg effort' is required. again from memory a sierra/mondeo MC has something like 22/24mm bore whereas an escort mk1/2 ( non servo) will be about 17mm. so assuming a like for like set up/trial - a 17mm would give longer pedal travel and teh mc would exert more pressure, whereas the larger will do teh opposite. you can always dial a bit of pressure out of the rears wit
  2. sorry Mark ,i meant that its possible for any idea listed here to have a counter/negative argument. it may be a fact that logistics are tricky - my point as far as the 'idea' was that possibly a marquee at an event is a benefit as members know that they can visit and be dry if they choose, that there'll be space to chill of an evening etc etc....i wouldnt expect a marquee as u mention caterham to have many folks in it during the day anyway.....unless its raining. if allocated space is filled - then i'd have thought a chat wioth the organizxers woudl solve that....anyway, the point of teh threa
  3. there's potentially a negative argument for any idea, if the idea is good enough then a work around and solution can generally be found. the club has 500+ members, however many AO's and whatever form of cooperation with the maker of the kits whos owners it represents.....so i'm sure if it was of interest a viable solution coudl be found.
  4. @ cma - i think you've nailed most of the points that i would have suggested, although i disagree slightly with teh concept of not allowing non members to view for sale adverts for a period of time, in reality that has a negative effect for the member who is trying to sell his goods. If the non member has no way of replying to a for sale advert nor of sending a PM then that potentially is more effective? ((( assuming that it is possible to get more/less immediate membership as soon as the subs are paid)). I have to say that i've never seen the Rhocar Mag so this comment in no way is meant
  5. just re-read the above - in case of any misunderstanding, in para 1 - i don't agree with the idea of cash backs etc for members, i was highlighting the difference between that and a club generated discount!
  6. I've watched and read this thread with interest, and no, i'm not a paid up member - but nor do i seek to make any comments that are intended to inflame or upset. Looking at this i'd say that there are a few distinct topics that need to be highlighted and /or separated. The 1st is what benefits the Club ( any club infact ) can make available to members - this needs to be separated from some of the comments about subsidizing xyz. There's a distinct difference between using the purchasing power of an organization to provide discounts to its members versus giving them in effect a 'cash back'
  7. trust Tony to miss some important info - we start at Thurrock ( dartford crossing area) and then we will pick up a few of our pals just shy of Cambridge, from there we head toward Rutland and a bit further up cut west into the Peaks.
  8. i hesitate to post because i haven't checked the facts since i investigated this a cple of years ago. there are a couple of points that are worth double checking. actually stick on plates aren't necessarily illegal DUE to where they're located ( ie/ not vertical as tht is arguable due to vulnerability) ), but due to the fact that they don't have the required markings on them denoting that they are legal ( can't recall what it is but something like a BSC number).... However it used to be the case and i'm pretty sure it still is - that a plate that is deemed illegal could potentially if the B
  9. Tom, there's a world of difference between driving a tin top and a 'kit' - so worth buidling up slowly or as you say doing a few days. I've driven with a lot of competant drivers of ordinary cars who haven't a clue when it comes to our types or car. To my mind there's a raft of factors to think about aside from whether its possible to get around teh next bend without braking - has the car at the side road seen you, is that bump in the road going to affect the handling or cause a ground out of the sump and a load of others..... as for how much power is right, well thats open to debate - person
  10. Stewart, understood and quite right.......and i trust that the respective clubs will continue to thrive.
  11. err that's why i contributed. like i said no axe to grind.
  12. Wow this thread has taken some twists and turns since the initial post. OK so i'm a 'community user' - so here's my 2penneth. I joined the free forum a couple of years back ahead of setting up skcc, at the time i joined a few free forums to try to spread the word about an event which was solely for kits - and which by repeated hammering of the message saw us get a gathering of 70+, but that's by the by. I can see and empathise with some of the viewpoints, although from my limited experience of running a club i'd question a few key points. What is the membership fee for? what is it d
  13. anyone else up for this? From SKCC we have 8 so far ( although that includes Tony/Rob who are mentioned on this list)....i've been in touch with the organizers about getting a pitch which is no problem, aside from the fact that we need to know how big ( ie/ how many cars).... We know that some local areas will have already booked pitches, but if you'd still like to join in with the run around as mentioned in the initial post please do pop your name down and just make a notce alongside that you're already booked into the Show. Many thx Mark 1.Tony B 2.Phill S 3.Steven 4.Graham 5.
  14. greenwood03


    I have to say that i'm amazed at the apathy from so many owners and Clubs. I've been visiting Detling for a few years initially as a member of the public just having a wander and looking at a fine selection of cars and in more recent years taking mine along. When it was held in ASpril the weather was at times 'iffy', but even last year on many forums there was talk about who was going, which day, where to meet etc - this year across so many club forums there was hardly any interest - which was apparent come the weekend. The thing is that its a chicken and egg scenario - manufacturers arent go
  15. actually a top ref would also be Aron at HT Racing back of Brands Hatch, what the guy doesnt know about ford 4 pots and setting them up ......he is very very good. @ the poster who said that Race Power were no longer was that a definbite no longer or a looked like they were no longer? ( Paul does keep strange hours sometimes)......
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