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  1. Takumi

    Mx5 Mk1

    Hi all. Anyone have an old mx5? What are they like to own? Easy to tinker with/modify /repair ?.. Really liking the old look!!
  2. Just had to order some nice A2 Stainless Button head allen screws, ended up buying from ebay 50x of M5x30mm and M6x35mm.. so they can be cut down if needed. (for a Marlin project I'm working on for a friend as a promo car, replacing all the original self tappers on show !yuk!) Most impressed with the speed of service and value for money! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/A-BOLT-FTB?_trksid=p4340.l2563 Not only the cheapest, free p&p but also delivered within 24hrs !!!
  3. hi all, Just passed my motorcycle test today, phew. yay. Probably wont be till next year before I go out tho - the weather looks pants... -stefz
  4. Takumi

    Head Bolts

    I would recommend getting HT socket bolts as replacements and tighten to a slightly higher torque setting. We have used these with a skimmed head and tightened to 110% std torque with std gasket, very sealed! .
  5. Thanks!, I'm really looking forward to it, got a fair bit of coursework to be getting on with before I even start the course in setp..arrg! I'm amazed to get a place, as far as I know, there is only 12 Science placements for Suffolk and Norfolk via the SCITT pathway.
  6. Hi all, Sorry I've been very quiet over the this last year or so, my Alfa has taking up lots of my thinking time trying to get it repaired.. Back on the road now! yay. Just wanted to share my excitement at finally getting a teacher training placement! (Science) I've been applying for years and finally had a break through. I start my placement Sept 1st.! fingers crossed.! ~the amount of portfolio work and assignments we have to compile looks really daunting :S Wish me luck!
  7. I often use www.Parcel2go.com Various different services available, from £5+vat upto 25Kg per peice. They use all the big couriers, DHL, HDN, ect. I alway prefer DHL. Atb, tak
  8. Takumi

    Bike Carbs

    Bigger doesn't mean better, its best to research the size that will best suit your engine, a huge set of bike carbs will give poor low-mid range power.. a smaller set will give your better low-mid range, its all a compromise. A 2L injection head, with sports cam, 4-1, will run well on 36-40mm carbs.. 36mm = better low engine speed torque, 40mm=better peak power. -I have previously tried 33mm carbs and they worked very well, excellent mpg, power tailed of slightly after 6k - but the low-mid range was very good. I'm currently using 38mm keihin carbs from a CBR900, runs very smooth.. (good mpg too) with 1.75mm mains Regarding Jetting, bike carbs will be running very lean, the main jets needs to be enlarged from about ~1.4mm upto ~1.7mm'ish , once these are done, it makes fine tweaking for a smooth idle and running alot easier, they can be increased by hand with a small pin drill and the right size drill bit, 1.75 I think is tapping size for M2.2 coarse.. I think its easier to find imperial size drill bits for jetting.. -tak
  9. Takumi

    We Have Sparks!

    omg, for the last 6 months the car has sat in the garage with a mysterious ignition fault.. Went down to the garage to give it a few hours thought and tinkering, and now we have sparks all of a sudden.. very strange, but most welcome.. Just have to get the engine to boom into life and then to work harden the new cam hmmmmmm:) bring on the summer!
  10. Takumi


    we've got about 7" here, the table on the patio looks like a cake! we went for a walk, and the wind made the ice crystals feel like needles, after 30mins, we couldnt see our tracks! easily 2" snow Fun!
  11. As long as the threads are not damaged, ? do they have nylocks on the back? or are the blue thread lock coated..? They are not stretch bolts, so as long as they are not overtightened or damamged they will be fine.. remember to put a drop of locktite on the threads before bolting up to give you peace of mind
  12. The bits that irritating, is that is was all running fine.. drove into the garage, and now cant drive out.! lol all the connections have not moved, everything has been checked.. really stumping..
  13. the VR signal is perfect, giving a very clean 0-4v wave! All the cranking voltages are fine, the battery is on a charger at the same time, and I've even tried connecting the EDIS+CoilPack to a sperate power source, with the same result.. arrrg... boooo
  14. Ignore the Megajolt element , the Edis box is not connected to the MJ atm.. as it doesnt need to be to fire and idle, as it will give out a basic 12deg adv if not connected to an ecu.
  15. Hello all and a merry xmas The car has been off the road for a cam change after the last one wore itself to bits, that was all done ok, come to start it up for running in and its dead. The edis ignition sys produces 1 spark on cyl1 when cranking then nothing, The VR signal is fine and very clean. All the terminals are clean, even tried multiple edis units all with the same reults, and multiple coil packs! Cleaned the Edis connector -no corrosion there.. We thought it might be a problem with part of the ign loom, so we tried connecting the edis+coils direct to the battery terminals, and had the same 1 spark and nothing.. wondering if it could be a cracked wire somewhere? also, we checked cyl2 while cranking, after the first single spark on cyl1, there seemed to be a tiny tiny spark on cyl 2.. Any ideas most welcome, this is becoming an impossible diagnosis... tak
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