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  1. I'm hoping to make an appearance tonight See you all there Cheers Si
  2. I'm hoping to be able to make it this month see you all there cheers si
  3. I should be there now my toe is about mended
  4. some sort of twin choke webber not sure which one though i presume it came of a cortina
  5. Cheers andy,nick almost done now just need to sort a petrol leak out and reblead the brakes and of course tax it lol then just some bits and bobs of trim work so all being well it will be making an appearance wednesday evening# anybody attending happen to have a color tune kit to bring with them and play with my carb? cheers si
  6. i should be there maybe in this if i can get it put back together in time...
  7. sim

    Starter Motor Fix ?

    ok thanks looks like i gonna need a new one then cheers si
  8. i Will be there spartan not quite ready for the trip yet
  9. Hi guys anybody know of a quick fix for my starter 1 of the rear screw terminals has broke its the one that goes to ignition to make it spin it's just dead if i earth the starter and put power to one of the fastening bolts of solonoid it spins would this work when fitted in car or would it just earth out cheers si
  10. sim

    Starter Motor

    cortina starter required if anybody has one knocking about cheers si
  11. sim

    Wiring Diagram

    could anybody help me out i'm looking for a basic wiring diagram not using relays i'm trying to rewire my spartan many thanks si
  12. sim

    Wiring For

    Hi guys can anybody tell me what pins do what on this stalk please heres a pic with all pins and codes image many thanks si
  13. I should be able to make it this month
  14. sim

    Mondeo Engine Removal

    Thanks for replies guys looks like its axel stands and blocks of wood at the ready then just gotta find a 1.8 dureateq engine now cheers si
  15. sim

    Mondeo Engine Removal

    No it's not being scrapped brought it as a lil earner just gotta swap the lump as i believe the bottom end is in several bits cheers si
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