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  1. no probs, glad my memory worked well
  2. Hi all, someone has now bought the whole car, my post saying I was splitting it brought the forum to his attention. thanks for the interest. Chris
  3. how about one of these: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_kw=headlight&_kw=buzzer&_dmpt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM I got the one with the green cardboard backing. it works as long as your ignition switch goes to earth when off. one wire you splice in to say the dash lighting, ie on when the lights are on, the other you wire in to another circuit that is live when the ignition is on, but gets earthed when the ignition switch is off. something like the wiper motor (for self park it is always live with ignition on) --double check this off the top of my head instructions! Chris
  4. Hi All, I will get back to you soon, however, I potentially have a buyer for the hole thing, so just working through that. should know in a day or two. The plastics are good down the drivers side and nose, however as per the pics the passenger side are bashed. I'll come back to you in the order I received the requests. cheers Chris
  5. no takers, so I am going to strip the car. If anyone wants any bits please pm me and I'll try and get those done first, else I will advertise what is going as and when. thanks for looking.
  6. Sorry - I meant to say Cat C (I was talking to someone about it being the 3rd write off status then did the post.) thanks for pointing that out.
  7. thanks Nigel, I have updated my first post to say it may not be suitable. I was mainly focusing on the front to try and identify it. (badly it would seem!) thanks for saving any further confusion by me and any potential buyer. cheers, Chris
  8. there are some pics here: http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=25965&view=findpost&p=200313 let me know if these do not cover it and what specifically you would like a photo of and I will get it sorted for you. I would also suggest removing your email address from the public visible forum. (ie edit your post) cheers Chris
  9. Down to £1500 before I stick it on ebay, then strip it and sell the bits if it doesn't go.... If anyone is is interesting in a lot of the parts as a bulk purchase please pm me remember this doesn't need an IVA, just fixing.
  10. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/BuyingAndSellingAVehicle/AdviceOnBuyingAndSellingAVehicle/DG_4022107 shows that the lack of V5 should not be a problem etc and that it can only be gained once an MOT and then VIC have been passed. If you can fix the monocoque but straightening, re-enforcing then it will pass an MOT and then pass the VIC. If you replace the tub as a method of fixing the car, it would come down to the VIC test and if the inspector agreed that the information held by the DVLA on the car matched what was in front of them. The v5 stated it as a 'Robin Hood' the DVAL may also have it recorded somewhere that it was a new Series 3. If the VIC failed, i guess it would be back to needing an IVA. Hope this clarifies the situation for anyone who may be interested. It of course may just make a good donor car for someone!
  11. After my incident with the pot hole and now following on from that, the writing off of my Robin Hood New Series 3 I am putting it up for sale. I have many receipts for the car and crucially one showing stage 1 work to the pinto. Please see http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=25965 for the crash damage. Scroll down through the post for more pics. here for pics of my build: http://picasaweb.google.com/youngster2002/kitcar here for a tub: (As per Nigel's post below this may/may not be suitable. Apologies if I mislead anyone, I thought it was a series three due to the front.) http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C155710/ The New Series three is still as was. It also comes with a 5th exactly the same spare wheel, and full weather gear yet to be fitted. (I have the support bars poppers etc) Stage 1 2l Pinto - 205 block. new 32/36 carb coolman rad from gbs and lower rated thermostat polo heater gearbox and diff do not whine at all, (i really notice the difference now I'm driving a Quantum Xtreme, where they are) stainless fuel tank 5 alloys (1 is slightly damaged from the accident, but is only cosmetic) I have the build videos on DVD too. I only did 1900 miles in it since it passed it's SVA in May 2009 and it passed an MOT in Feb 2010. Having spent 4yrs building it, I was ready to get on with driving, thus the quick replacement with the Xtreme and my non interest in building it again myself. The insurance company wrote it of on a financial basis so Cat C. I have sent back to them the v5 for destruction and informed the DVLA that I no longer own the car. So essentially I have bought back a load of parts. To get it back on the road and get a V5 for it once fixed, ie either the monocoque is straightened/fixed or a replacement monocoque is used a MOT and VIC would need to be passed. Nothing more I have been told will be needed. Thus why the linked replacement tub may be useful to someone. I am looking to sell the whole New Series 3 as is for £2000 Before I post all the details, receipts etc, I am wondering if this would be of interest to anyone, or am i better off stripping it and selling the parts (I know I'd probably get more this way, but hoping for an easier option!) Chris New Malden - Surrey
  12. my earlier post has a pic of the quantum cam, but the identification on it comes up blank on a google search, so i reckon it is standard. I you have any idea?? I've always fancied a v8 too, so i was thinking of just getting this car running smoothly for the summer, then upgrading as a winter project. - possibly!
  13. cheers for the update happy to read that others agree that the quantum one seems like the one to keep. i need to get the carbs balanced etc, so was thinking of a rolling road, by the time i've spent on that i was wondering if i might as well upgrade the cam too!
  14. cheers Chris, Next question can anyone identify this cam? is it just the standard ford item? cheers
  15. whilst awaiting the insurance company to decide on a value of my written of series 3, I thought I would do some tests to see if the engine in it, is better that the one in the Quantum Xtreme I have bought to replace it. Both are a 2l pinto, 205 block. The RH has supposedly had stage 1 work done to it and has a weber replacement 32/36 carb. The Xtreme has twin weber 40s, which at idle seem to need some balancing, but when on main, they seem fine. I did a compression test, same method in both. 4 3 2 1 RH 11.9 11.9 11.8 11.5 Xtreme 13.5 14.1 13.9 13.9 any ideas on these results? thanks in advance for any info. Chris
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