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  1. Man Im having a good time stripping out this Sierra - didnt think iy would be THIS fun
  2. YIPPEE I have my Donar car now - £180 later - its a bloody good runner with smooth gearbox and a great pull on it. Its a 1.8 CVH engine - I'm very excited Im after an engine crane now and I'll start dismantling prob thsi weekend !!
  3. hey those pics are good - well I may have to go with the sierra then Ill let you all know once Ive got it in my hands
  4. Cool so if I'm happy with the engine and its characteristics then yes the engine, geabox and basically all the car will all go into the lightweight yes? If its a yes then damn I having that car YIPPEE
  5. Hi all - I need advice quick - I have put my Lightweight up on eBay mainly due to not having time and finding it hard to get a suitable donar car. Anyway as soon as I put her on eBay I get offered a Ford Sierra 1.8 CVH engine 1988 model. I'm thinking I'll keep the lightweight now and go for this car but I want to make sure that the 1.8 CVH engine will be suitable for the Lightweight. I know its hould be a PINTO engine but man its hard to get those these days SO - will a CVH 1.8 with all the gearbox etc be a good fit for the Lightweight?? HELP!!
  6. Yeah Richard said that to me too but I made him see that I was not willing to do another 3 hour each way drive - I advised him to put some timber in and jiffy and cardboard together - im gonna make sure he posts monday via courier or parcel force 24 - its not fair to wait so long for stuff!! Thanks for teh info on the scuttle on DVD3 - that gives me something to do tommorow now Thanks
  7. HI all - YES I HAVE THE INSTRUCTION DVD's now!! Got started already - got teh sides up, the rear suspension bars, the front and done my first bit of riveting!! But now something else is missing - the tunnel sides so my progress is halted again Oh well RDH is gonna ship them up to me monday so I should have them by Wednesday - shame though as I had all thsi weekend free to build - oh well - guess I can watch those 7 DVD's then
  8. Thanks so much guys - its looks like tomorow ill have the DVD's from PAul - so thank you so much all of you - I cant wait to get started
  9. Thanks all - at least by the end of this week I should have at least the first 3 - thanks to everyone once again for your help - it is TRULY appreciated And thanks RJHALL - I really look forward to getting teh whole lot - cheers. SHane
  10. yeah I agree guys - please only use my thread to give me help - and BOY do I need help So far Ive found all of you very helpful and kind and that includes Graham AND DRC so I just wanna say thanks and please stop the arguing. RH still havnt sent my instruction DVD's so im desperate for someone to up vids on the net for me - that would be areal help - whoever it is that can help - its much appreciated !! Thanks guys
  11. Annoying man - just checked with Richard and he's not sure if they have even sent out teh instruction DVD's yet!!! This is crazy. He says he'll get them in the post today\tomoz. Man I cant do anything without the instructions.
  12. Hi mate - yes just got the CD 10 mins ago - im starting to look at the lightweight folder to see if I can use that to get started Thanks SOOOO much Paul - cheers Shane
  13. Thanks ScotMac - that would really help. Let me know if you mange to up them on the net SHane Thanks again
  14. Guys - my 7 DVD's havnt arrived as yet from RH and im aching to start teh build - if I pay you via PAYPAL would one of you send me out a copy of the set with Special Delivery Next Day? Ive done my Jig now - just really want to at least start Cheers Shane
  15. Hi mate - well RH are sending me the DVD's via post - but they will take a few days to come - im just aching to get started on 'something' so wanted to start building the jig. Im gonna get 3 sheets of 8X4 chipboard - from what Graham had advised this should be whats needed to make the jig. There is a possibility that the sheets wont fit in my car so I may buy smaller sheets (1200mm X 1200mm instead of 2400mm X 1200mm) and im hoping thsi will still allow me to make the jig ok. I have a free weekend yet am not able to do anything because of the missing DVD's - very sad. Shane
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