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  1. Thanks guys,I will have a look. Steve.
  2. Hi all. Took my 2b for it's Mot today,to cut a long story short,recently fitted new rear brake disks and pads,got to test centre and there was bad burning smell.Turns out it's the offside rear caliper seized on. He passed it,I said I said I will look at it! Anyway,when I fitted new pads,this caliper piston was really hard to wind in,but I carried on regardless. Now to my question!Even with a Haynes manual I can't get my head around how the caliper assembly works.If you have to wind the piston in,does it then wind out with hydraulic pressure,or does it push out straight? So then,If I have
  3. good idea.there was still plenty of grease in there though,so hopefully they will last a while.
  4. Cheers guys.I have replaced just the boots,bit tricky getting the spring clip round the boot,but it is cheaper than replacing the joint. Steve.
  5. Hi folks.Just been to my local motor factors to get a new track rod end and a new top ball joint(they were an advisory last year,split boots). I presumed the were from the sierra that my 2b+ is based on,but he said they are not(I had the 2 joints with me to compare). I ended up with a bag of 20 various boots for £20,which is probably better anyway,because I think the ball joint is good,nice and tight. Just wondering what car they are from incase I do end up replacing them. Cheers. Steve.
  6. Thanks chaps.I have never really thought about how a radiator or heater matrix is made or how it works.I will fit it the easiest way then. Cheers. Steve.
  7. Hi chaps.Getting car ready for MOT.Looking forward to it.Been off the road for 2 years now due to one thing and another. Anyway.I fitted a classic mini heater unit on tunnel top behind the dash,but matrix was leaking so just got a new matrix. Before I fit it,I was thinking of drilling two new holes for the matrix outlets so they come out nearer to the top rather than at the bottom,making it easier and tidier for the plumbing. My question is,does there need to be an outlet at the bottom of the matrix?If you are not familiar with the mini heater matrix,basically it is a rectangle with two out
  8. Just updating.I borrowed a weber carb and manifold and it fired straight away! Frustrating though,I've had the bike carbs in bits a few times to clean them.Jets out,choke plungers out and cleaned.Must be some tiny holes blocked somewhere that I can't get to. Just started re-spacing the ZX6R carbs I got a while ago.I will still try and sort out these carbs though. Thanks for the advice. Steve.
  9. Feel like I am getting somewhere now.Put fuel directly into carbs,and it fired straight away.Didn't like it though,after a few seconds exhaust manifold started to smoke!Pretty sure I haven't spilt anything on it.Maybe there still wasn't enough fuel getting through even though I had started it.So I killed it straight away. Time to work through the fuel system then.Pretty sure pumps ok.Either pressure reg or carbs. Thanks for the help chaps! Steve.
  10. GSXR600.Used to run fine before.All i have done with the carbs is unbolted them from the head and shelved them for a couple of years. I have got some ZX6R carbs which I was told suit the engine better,but haven't got round to re-spacing them yet to fit the manifold. Cam is Newman PH4.All timing marks are as they were before.
  11. Thanks chaps. Not using the metal filter which you can get with the facet pumps.Just got two cheap plastic inline filters,one between tank and pump,one in engine bay before pressure regulator. I pulled off the fuel feed from the carbs and switched ignition on to check fuel supply.lots of fuel came out.So maybe a carb problem. If I was to put fuel directly in to carbs to try and eliminate them,how do I go about this on bike carbs?pour it down trumpets?if so how much?
  12. Ok.Just tried starting again.Cranked it over a good half a dozen times untill battery started complaining!Removed plugs and they were dry.They did smell of fuel but they looked dry.Would you expect the plugs to look wet? Cheers. Steve.
  13. Just stationary when it's running. No filter in tank,outlet at bottom corner of tank,gravity fed down to a filter,then through facet solid state pump,then to engine bay,through another filter to pressure regulator then to carbs.
  14. I did think about stale fuel,wish it was this simple!when I took the car off the road I drained as much fuel out of the tank as I could,then put a fresh can in a couple of months ago.Haven't changed the two fuel filters though.Can these perish over time? I will take the plugs out and have a look. Steve.
  15. Hi.Didn't think you were having a pop mate,I was just trying to have a laugh abouts dizzys and points,purely because I've moved away from them! I set the valve clearances up when fitting the Newman cam to the specs they supplied.So I am hoping they are correct. Just wish I had done one job at a time,and checked everything still worked! Really bugging me the fact that it fires straight away when warm. If I had compression issues,would this improve starting on a warm engine?I have had the head off after all.Dodgy gasket(or dodgy mechanic.That will be me then!) Regards. Steve.
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