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  1. a few years ago I replaced my cable from the std Sierra one fitted to an early 4x4 one which is longer and does not have to pass through the manifold. I found all the information on this site and if I remember rightly some people had been using transit cables and modifying the end as the 4x4 one were hard to find ( and expensive ) have you tried searching the site I don't know if the posts are still available
  2. It was such awful weather last year mine stayed in hibernation all year
  3. a quick release steering wheel makes getting in and out easier
  4. have you taken the pump head off its base to check the impeller they can come apart and will still pump but with reduced flow and they can also crud up a lot
  5. the car is on L plate because its registered as a dutton kit car,as this was the doner car! as a former Dutton owner I've had a good look at the photos and think I have spotted the donor part, its the number plate light
  6. With metric figures I got close to your figure of 46p kw but 2 litres burnt for more than 6 hours nearer 12 hours which ties up with the experience of one of the reviewers on the b&q site and gives it a 1 kw output which felt about right so in the case of a power cut will keep the chill off but if its a long cut the genny will have to come out to run the oil boiler which I worked out costs 7p per kw ethanol 5.7 kw per lt at £2.50 + 2.28 kw for a £ 44p per kw heating oil 10.5 kw per lt at £0.60 but boiler 82.5% efficiency = 14.32 kw for a £ 7p per kw
  7. Thanks for this had not heard of bioethanol fires before I had wanted a real fire for a long time and the cost and problems of opening up the fireplace in a rented property could not be justified but I brought one of these and it looks great, does not put out much heat so not suitable as a primary source of heating but knocks spots off candles and fake fires.
  8. a locost? it looks like it has a twin trailing link rear suspension did not know Robin Hood ever fitted this system and if a Hood where is the roll bar always thought they were a standard fitment
  9. Don't know if the Zero pedal is the same but my S7 originally had a std sierra cable passing through the exhaust and even though insulated suffered from the heat so I obtained a 4x4 one which is longer and bypasses the exhausts
  10. just love the toolkit in the gifts for women section ( fun and games miscellaneous ) who said the Germans have no sense of humour
  11. neither its at Lumb Farm and when I say camping I will be in the campervan so I'll be ok but it was the others staying in tents I was worried about
  12. I'm camping about 5 miles away did it reach Ripley?
  13. that's because I am camping in Derbyshire this weekend
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