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  1. I agree with CMA, I had a Sylva Striker with a 1600 X-Flow engine and tried twin 40's on it and found them a right pain in the arse. The car ran far better on the original twin choke weber than it ever did on the 40's. Never tried the bike carb route but I do fancy the idea for my 2.0 Pinto'd Exmo I also hear that Bogg Bros are THE place to go for a manifold
  2. I really can't see any attraction in a dash covered in sticky backed plastic and hate the carbon fibre look. I have always been baffled by owners who spend thousands on their cars only to make the dash look like a sticky backed plastic covered rock up
  3. I have had a nightmare with the above two . Basically I had a private car insured through a broker with AXA Insurance using my NCD. I insured my van after the car policy ran out through Swinton Insurance who also had AXA as the underwriter. I sent Swinton my proof of NCD as required but kept getting letters saying they hadnt received it I called TWICE and gave the previous policy number and said that as my previous underwriter was AXA and my NEW underwriter was AXA I couldnt see a problem Axa had 'no record of my previous policy' with them even though I printed it out and sent it to them. More letters arrived from Swinton threatening cancellation and I spent more time and money calling them only to be reassured that if there was a problem somebody would call me back. Needless to say they never did. In the end I told Swinton to go ahead and cancel the policy and I would get insurance from a broker who knew what they were doing. I now have been sent a bill for £135 which I have told them to poke up their backsides. I will have my day in court and produce the evidence of their stupidity and ineptitude. Something so simple has been made so difficult by people who can't do the job they are paid to do
  4. Stuartl

    Steering Issues

    Maccavy I will look out the email later for you. Bob, not sure hey you can't pm. Email stuartlathey@hotmail.com if you like!
  5. Stuartl

    Steering Issues

    Don't think so bob but I will check
  6. I have some wiring diagrams if you feel they might help!
  7. Stuartl

    Steering Issues

    Cheers chaps, got an email back from the suppliers and I can get one for just over £20 with postage :-) Thanks again!
  8. Hi Richard, thanks for the reply and the pic! I understand about the brackets, no probs. The only reason I didnt renew my membership this year was that I was intending to sell the car but have now decided to hang on to it. Unfortunately the membership is only from Jan to December so it seemed pointless me paying a year's subscription for just three months of 2012!
  9. My Exmo suddenly developed a very 'notchy' feel through the steering column last year and I have now found out what it is. Where the 'steering shaft' exits the pedal box into the engine bay it goes through a hold in the bulkhead approx 35mm diameter. From what I can see (obviously not easy to see) the only way any sideways movement in the shaft was stopped was by a rubber grommet effectively reducing the size of the hole in the bulkhead to a snug (ish) fit around the shaft. The grommet has now disintegrated leaving the steering response, err, 'interesting'. Does anyone have any pics or ideas on a decent bracket that can clamp round the column? Thanks in anticipation! Stuart
  10. I had a headgasket failure on an old Mazda tintop years ago and the exhaust filled up like Mick says. Of course it was a standard fitment so I junked it and fitted another, problem solved.
  11. Thanks for the info. Would you be prepared top make me up a pair of brackets for the headlights for my Exmo and if so an approx cost would be useful! I think they look great and far more menacing than my chrome bowls! Also is the body of your car painted over stainless steel panels or vinyl wrapped? Sorry for all the questions!
  12. I really like this show, it's not just kit cars but a good mix of classic cars too with trade stalls and an autojumble. It's nothing like the scale of Stoneleigh but I like it and there is some great driving round the Malvern hills too. Oh, and it's only about 15 miles from my front door
  13. After an agreement with the MOT man today my Hood is legal apart from some rent on the screen so unless it's hard rain I will be at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern on Sunday. Are any Hoods coming along??
  14. Blimey, this talk of doners makes me want a kebab. Oh hold on a minute, I cant. I'm sober.
  15. Hi Richard, I think your Exmo looks brilliant! Can you tell me if the headlights are 'off the shelf' or something you made? Also do you have any pics of the brackets for the front cycle wings as I want to ditch my clam-shell wings in favour of new cycle wings. Many Thanks, Stuart
  16. Unless I can find some storage in the meantime my Exmo will spend the winter outside Any recommendations for a decent car cover rather than something that looks scruffy and flaps about like it came from Halfords? Cheers Stuart
  17. Sorry, of course they are bolts not nuts :-)
  18. Hi snapperpaul, on brief inspection, on my exmo it looks like it isn't possible to access the nuts on the flange as it's just the belly of the sump that drops through the bottom of the engine bay.
  19. I get your point and bodging a job really goes against the grain tbh. Do you think it would be possible to change the sump (I have a good spare) with the lump raised up but still in situ?
  20. My Exmo has always leaked oil from the sump which according to the last owner was coming from the drain plug. It has got worse over the last couple of years and it is now leaking a lot more from what appears to be corrosion on the front corner of the sump. As it will be an engine out job to replace the sump I was wondering if there was any product that could be used to patch it up until next year when I will whip out the engine and tidy up the engine bay. Thanks, Stuart
  21. Great story Daz! My brother in law restores old bikes, not sure the oldest he has done but I think 1930's ish. He often buys bikes 'in boxes' and restores them to show winning condition which to me is just amazing. If you want his details let me know, he is a really approachable chap and isnt a million miles from you (Uxbridge). Good luck! Stuart
  22. Hi Jacques, I didnt get the message before, no. I will see if I still have the pics I sent to the last chap, if not I will take some more in the next couple of days and email them over if you pm me your email address, Cheers Stuart
  23. Whatever you do DONT USE ADRIAN FLUX FOR INSURANCE. They have a terrible reputation and I found out to my cost how bad they were when their 'finance company' illegally set up a second direct debit and stole money from my bank for charges that were incorrect. I had to get a solicitor to sort it and get my money back. I use Frank Pickles, less than £120 a year fully comp upto 5000 miles. Adrian Flux are liars and theives and yes, that is my own opinion and I will stand up in any Court and say it.
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