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    Sean Sva Troubles

    I am very sympathetic with Sean on this one. I used to have a pre-SVA Sylva Striker (build by a mate) and toyed with the idea of buying a new kit, probably not a Striker due to the level of my budget but either a GTS Panther or 2b Plus. The story that Sean is telling was what worried me about building a new kit. Just like the MOT there is so much down to interpretation by the individual on the day although positions of indicators and lights are clearly defined as has been mentioned so there should be a definate yes or no whoever looks at the car. I did hear, and for the life of me I cannot remember where from about the lightweights having trouble passing SVA. My concern is that my fears will become commonplace among the buying public and sales will suffer as a result of what I believe are often jobsworth characters who given a kit car to build would not have the first idea what to do. I took the 'easy' option and have bought a 1996 kit that has been registered and on the road before being stripped down again so no SVA for me but once again I feel for Sean and please keep us posted on the progress. I for one will raise a glass of something when the news comes through that you have the Pass Paper in your hand Good Luck and dont let the b******s grind you down....................
  2. Hi Bazwaz, For some strange reason I seem to have two identities on here, I have obviously registered twice, as stuartl and Stuart's S7. Doh! I like the sound of the V8 in an S7! I was going to put one in my MGB. Do you have any pics of the car please?! Regards Stuart
  3. A year or so ago I toyed with the idea of building a GTS Panther but after reading all the negative things about the company I decided that I couldn't risk my money with this guy. There were dozens of horror stories, largely to do with problems contacting them and it was suggested that calls were being blanked when an 'unfriendly' number appeared on the display. This was backed up by the GTS owners who said it wasn't uncommon to wait months for things to arrive. As suggested on here this time round, the quality of the goods supplied is reported to be ok but the service lets them down. The thing is with the internet is that it is very easy to post negative things about an individual or company but few people take the time to flag up the positive experiences they have It sounds to me like he is probably a decent guy who is struggling to keep on top of things and most likely cannot afford to employ another person. That said, it doesn't help the customer who has also struggled to earn the money to pay for bits for his car that at best arrive late and at worst maybe not at all
  4. Thanks for the replies chaps! I am staggered at how heavy the car is! I think a 2 litre zetec is the order of the day here.....
  5. Just out of curiosity, what sort of weight would an S7 be with the Pinto Engine? My old Sylva Striker came in at just under the 500kg mark and I know the S7 will be more but wondered how much..... I think it will house a Black Top Zetec 2.0 in the end which I know is lighter than a Pinto I cant wait to get in the garage, light the woodburner and spend many a happy evening in there with Radio 2 and my faithfull old greyhound for company
  6. Many Thanks Nigel, I have replied to the PM you sent me, Regards Stuart
  7. Brilliant, I shall pester him for info! Many Thanks!
  8. Once my S7 is back in more or less one piece I am hoping to fit a 2 litre Black top Zetec rather than a pinto. Just wondered if anyone has done this and what the weight/power advantages are over a Pinto setup The car is currently fitted with a 2.0 Scorpio engine but this has never run in the car although it was a runner when it was removed from the scorpio I understand. It just looks like it'll be a nightmare to wire up!
  9. And the same to you and all others on this site I am new on here but this time next year will hopefully be in my garage tinkering away with my new RH. :rolleyes:
  10. Hi Richard You Didnt own a Sylva kit a few years ago by any chance did you????!!! Regards Stuart
  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it might be cheaper to do it this way but having bought my Striker already built the idea of the new kit is that it will be all my own work. I am a bit of a perfectionist and would rather shake the piggy bank dry and do it from start to finish this time round. The dash on the ebay car illustrates what I was talking about a few posts ago regarding bodging the old car dials onto a flat panel................ :( My Striker had the old escort wiring loom chopped and hacked about and it just looked a mess and I dont really want to go down the road of correcting someone elses idea of a quality finish. I'm sorry, I dont mean to sound so negative but do you understand what I mean? It might take twice as long and more money but at the end of it all the car will be spot on
  12. I like that, again it's quite simple but effective. Much the same as me. Well, simple anyway Raw Engineering do a plastic moulded dash for the Striker (my previous car) which I think is utterly vile and reminds me of my early attempts at vacuum forming at school in the mid 80's but people seemed to like it. Maybe it's just me
  13. Cheers Pablo, That looks a neat dash but I have to say I'm not into carbon fibre at all. I like the simplicity of that though. Its the Sierra dials grafted onto a flat sheet of ali that makes me cringe
  14. Hi Chris. Having the Striker for a couple of years was a great learning curve as I was able to establish what I would actually use the car for, not what I thought I might use it for. When I got the Striker I knew it would never see a track and whilst it was fantastic fun to drive I would have liked a few more refinements which I hope the 2B could offer. In no strict order of importance: Possibly a 2.0 Zetec although depending on budget constraints I might stick with the Pinto. A decent dash! My pet hate with the majority of kit cars is that they look great from the outside but often have a nasty, cobbled together dash. A heater! Missus loved the Striker but she did tend to go a bit blue in the winter months which clashed terribly with the BRG Gelcoat A bit more width than the Striker as rumour has it (according to my wife, Jude) that I am getting wider and as I have no plans to remedy this I need to make provision for a wider car. I think the 2B would fit the bill nicely as we do plan to do the various shows and the Striker was a bit of a hard ride over 100 miles each way. My brother had a factory built Caterham (until Boxing Day when he totalled it on black ice and we did LEJog in that in the summer in 4 days there and back and the heater was a godsend, yes, even in August!) Thanks again for all the responses to my original post and again, all information is most gratefully received! Stuart
  15. That sounds great! Thanks to all the other posters also! It would be great to see a complete car in the flesh so to speak. Have you a contact number (and name ) that you could let me have? Many thanks, Stuart
  16. Hi, This is my first post on here! I am looking for a seven-inspired kit to replace my Sylva Striker that I sold nine months ago. I considered a GTS Panther but was warned off the company as they appear to have nothing whatsoever in the way of Customer Service or back up. I am very interested in a 2B +. I have good mechanical skills (well I think so!) and a well equipped large, dry garage. From what I have heard so far you can get a good finish from the kit but some parts, particularly the panels, can be a poor fit. I would be very grateful for honest opinions about the car and the company as well. Customer Service, back-up, efficiency etc are all important to me as the company is a long way from where I live so I cant keep popping down there if there is a problem. Lastly, I live in Gloucester and would love to see another 2B + and have a chat with the owner/builder! Many Thanks Stuart
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