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  1. jhfozzy

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    There's new levels too for non club members, on the bank or on the water.
  2. jhfozzy

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    Red7 just so you know, from this year club membership does not automatically get you BCU membership. For some reason they are making you buy it seperately.
  3. jhfozzy

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    If you're new to the sport then a few lessons make a lot of difference to how well you do over distance in an open canoe. A few degrees of turn to your knees makes a lot of difference to the power you can put down and makes your stroke much more efficient. There are plenty of videos online regarding all disciplines of canoeing. Make sure you get membership if you can. Around £40 gets you insurance, access agreements to canals etc. https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/ Or in Wales https://www.canoewales.com/ Feel free to ask any questions. John
  4. jhfozzy

    Does Obd2 Show When Lights Are On And Off?

    Can't use the aux socket unless it is live all the time, think hazards.
  5. jhfozzy

    Does Obd2 Show When Lights Are On And Off?

    Yeah, sorry I missed you mention a bypass relay. 4-5 hours does sound slightly excessive but with the bypass relay unless you have a permanent live in the rear of the vehicle you have to run one from the battery and through (or under) the vehicle. We average out 2-3 hours for a bar and electrics.
  6. jhfozzy

    Does Obd2 Show When Lights Are On And Off?

    Some vehicles can report back which lights are on via OBD so it is possible but I don't know any system that makes use of it. Most new cars are quite easy to fit tow electrics to as they are usually plug and play. However this ease of fitting normally comes at a hefty price. I've fitted some kits that the adaptor cost around £200 and there was no other way to fit. Do not fit an old type trailer hitch (splicing directly into the wires) to a newer car that uses CAN or smart wiring as you can do permanent damage to the car.
  7. jhfozzy

    Pillar Drill Recommendations

    Take a visit to any local farmers / business auctions. There are always a few heavy duty tools in the mix. As you've seen, the majority of new stuff is "Made in China" and it's true, they don't make them like they used to.
  8. jhfozzy

    Battery Type

    I'm 99.9% sure Lion has never sold Li-ion batteries, as mentioned above it's a Base spec battery sold by Euro car parts. Can you see the filler caps on top of the battery? If so, it's lead acid.
  9. jhfozzy

    French Driving

    According to "the internet" it is still law, but the penalties were never set out, so they couldn't fine you anything. As mentioned, it is always worth carrying a pair as they are very picky. A pair of hi-vis vests behind the rear seat headrests to show you are aware of the rules also helps to prevent a pull.
  10. jhfozzy


    I work with speedos and GPSs, and the only answer is they are both accurate at certain times and inaccurate at others. Your car speedo is set up to comply with C&U regs which allow a 10% over read and 0% under read. They average about 5% over read. So at 100 mph you are generally doing about 95 mph. All GPSs read the speed across the ground, but only some take into account altitude for their speed calculation. This means that when you drive up or down hill, the actual speed across ground drops off slightly. E.g. 100mph on the flat may appear as 97mph going up hill. As a general rule, on a flat surface, your GPS will show the most accurate speed.
  11. jhfozzy

    Gluing Plastic Advice Please

    We use a lot of Q bond in work (heavy handed fitters) on bumpers, light casings etc and it hasn't let us down yet, just make sure the surfaces are properly prepped. We get the boxed version with two vials of "superglue" and two of filler (one black and one grey). http://qbond.net/ The kit: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Bond-QB2-Strong-Adhesive-Repair/dp/B002XF4S6C
  12. jhfozzy

    Corsa's And Ticking Timing Chains..

    You don't say what engine, but in my experience, most of these engines tick at some point, especially if they are low on oil as the hydraulic tappets don't get enough oil. If it's a twinport (1.2 & 1.4), take off the rocker cover and check the bolts holding the camshafts down, they are torx and should be 8nm. They have a habit of coming loose and the resulting flex snaps the camshaft. John.
  13. jhfozzy

    Courier Costs ?

    My brother often goes that way, I've sent him a message.
  14. jhfozzy

    How Much Torque In A Clothes Peg Spring?

    Not sure of the torque sorry, but a simple weighing scales & a ruler should give you an accurate(ish) answer.
  15. jhfozzy

    One For The Mot Testers

    I don't know if a traction control system as such is in the new MOT, however, if you're talking about ESC (Electronic Stability Control), that IS a failure point in the new MOT. Taking out or disabling the lamp will not work as the spiel in the manual for ABS / ESC / Airbags etc. is: "lamp illuminates and then goes out as normal in the correct sequence" So if it doesn't come on and then go out (or stays on), it's a fail. HTH, John.