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  1. hello. i've tried the thing with the led and there is no flash. but there is also no power coming to the dizzy. i've also foung that when the manifold heater relay is shorted out there is a spark produced. any ideas? Thanks Tom
  2. thanks for that. i've looked at the link. is the top figure (21) talking about the plug that goes into the dizzy? what does cmp mean? thanks Tom
  3. Hello, trying to muddle my way through a 'no spark' problem and just wondered if anyone knew how to test a bosch hall effect dizzy???? Joel mentioned something about using an led, i could just do with a bit more info?? Thanks Tom
  4. tomottewell

    Esc 2

    thats brilliant thanks alot.
  5. tomottewell

    Esc 2

    thanks that would be spot on. What do i owe you for it?
  6. tomottewell

    Esc 2

    no its a esc 2. or i think so. its the big box with a multiplug?
  7. tomottewell

    Esc 2

    Hello having a problem getting a spark, now thinking it might be the ESC 2 module. has anyone any idea's how i could test it? or has anyone got one for sale? or no where there may be one? thanks Tom
  8. its the esc2 module and a bosch dissy. i think now it could be the module. is the any way of testing them or has anyone got one?
  9. tomottewell

    No Spark

    hello all. trying to get my 2l pinto running but can't seem to geta spark. there's 13.4v going into the coil and 13.4v coming out when its turning. this is the only thing i can think of. is this normal? any other ideas? thanks in advance tom.
  10. thanks alot. i'll get to work this weekend. cheers Tom
  11. thanks, how do you go through the loom with the ecu in there? can things be taken out with out it affecting the ecu? thankks tom
  12. hello, i'm having a lot of troubles getting my 2l pinto running. its got the carb with the big ecu and the stepper motor. not to good with electrics is there any easy way to get goin? would it be easyer to change carbs? are those ones any good? thanks tom
  13. thanks john its a origonal loom that came from robin hood off of a sierra. is there any simpler way of cutting all the suff you don't need out? thanks Tom
  14. Hello, building a 2 b + and at the moment in a mess with the wiring harness to the engine. its a 2l pinto on a standard webber carb. its got the big ecu. but nothing seem's in place, i've got the engine in, but no starter battery or ignition. no wires are left that corrispond with the colours on the ignition. Has anyone any ideas where i'm going wrong or can anyone shed any light on anything? thanks Tom
  15. i'm just about to drill the holes to bolt in the gearbox but the drive shaft isnt quite straight left to right, is this normal? thanks Tom.
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