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  1. cheers, I rebuilt a load of stuff on my old RH 7 so know my way around them, but havent done a full build before. Been reading at a few of the build blogs posted seem pretty positive.
  2. Hi all, not been on in a while but thinking about getting back into a 7 with a build from scratch. The ZERO is fairly cost effective but Im wondering how people have been getting on with it as it was only out the last time I was on. Id be considering a bike engine most likely. Cheers.
  3. I really wanted yellow but none in my price range Might respray it yellow
  4. probably use 888s but I guess I need to upgrade the rear toe links or something? ind kit and wheels both cost me £100 each so not too bad
  5. have sccoped a 2nd hand hurricane ind kit and a scabby set of S1 wheels (will paint them black or white or something) so off to a good start heres a couple of pics:
  6. VX220 turbo is a brilliant car, very fast. But all I could afford would be an NA and its not going to have the same sparkle. Might as well get the elise which is lighter, cheaper VED and eligible for classic insurance.
  7. will have the speed restrictor with me lol straight onto M25, M40, M6 to carlisle then across to stranraer. some miles lol, glad I got dayinsurance rather than use up 500 miles out of my 3k pa classic policy!
  8. ended up going for this one, all arranged to buy it on sat. flights booked etc. some nice mods but looks straight and well looked after. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/288329.htm cant wait 400mile trip home will certainly get me acquinted with it!
  9. the 170 is seemingly optimistic but even a genuine 150bhp would be spot on.
  10. LOL! sorted on this one I think and a set of racing red coilovers or something. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/364947.htm thoughts?
  11. budget is around 7500 - 800 TOPS tho so not too easy to find a 111s
  12. just a modded S1, would like a 111S but the budget wont allow it. good fun then?
  13. saw the old girl off tonight to its new owner. will be sad to see it go and definately sad to be out of kitcar ownership. Plan to do a full build with my son once he is older Moving on to a lotus elise, just hope I can keep it on the track! Thanks all for all the help while Ive been on the forum its been much appreciated! -pablo
  14. Ive a std switched screwed into my thermostat housing. 88deg iirc.
  15. 2b_pablo

    Tyre Repair

    do kwik fit not do the free repairs anymore then?
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