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  1. ok cool, and my mk use to do 105mph with a standard 1.6pinto. stu
  2. hi there, it is the last Sunday of every month. i did not make it to this one as, at that time i was only just getting to bed.
  3. hi there, i drove mine to donington park firday night, and stayed up there the weekend, for the 750mc racing, so i did not go to the walton car show. would be great to meet up, this Saturday i will be going to cadwell park. i do go to some meets when i get the time free. stu and yes you can mail through this site.
  4. hi there, and welcome, i live in clacton on sea as well, it will be nice to have enough seven about, have not seen any about when i am out in mine. cheers stu
  5. sorry to here that Paul. hope it all get fixed soon. so how many miles did it have on it before it went? stu
  6. the duratec will need a different bell housing, as it the duratec engine, is relay designed my Mazda, not ford so the bell housings are different. the exhaust is on the same side as a pinto, and nearly the the same spacings. so bonus if you are coming from a pinto. hope that helps a little stuart
  7. hi is the megajolt still for sale? cheers stuart
  8. hi, i think you can strike overheating from bike carbs, you need to heat them to prevent freezing, which is not hard at all, the bike carbs comes with heater hoses any way, so just plumb them in. and some carbs the angle is does not need to 100% perfect. stuart
  9. hi, all last year i went and camped it was cold when you do not have a tent after a while.lol but will be there one day i presume. sorry to hear that i will not see Ian there through. stuart
  10. nice, i like the noise of a big v8. so what bhp are you hopping for, or know it got? cheers stuart
  11. wow, glad you are ok. i was planing on going out in mine one last time before the pinto comes out and the duratec goes in, i am having seconed throughts stuart
  12. stuart_

    What Engine To Use

    hi, i started with a pinto in my kit, but then going to a duratec, as it is all alloy and weighs a lot less than the pinto and less than the zetec and more power to start with. stuart
  13. stuart_

    Bike Carbs

    hi, i have a 1.6 pinto on cbr600 carbs i am running 1.5mm main jets, and have the tandard vacum dizzy just to air, and have thedizzy at between 24-28deg advande at idle, and it pulls through the revs freely under load or not. and starts first time every time and idle fairly smooth. stuart
  14. mine, is put a 2.0 duratec in place of a 1.6pinto, with a maxda 6 speed box, and hopefuly if i have time after seeting up teh megasquirt uprate teh bake end, for bolt on halfshafts and disc brake. i have been rebuilding the 2.0 duratec for the past couple of week, new pistons, new rods, new bolts, new vaule steam seals, honed cylinders and laped all the vaules in, for this week end to finsh putting back toghter. so next summer i will have hopefuly 200bhp, from a 1.6pinto with 70-80bhp, so a nice jump, once i get bored and want more power a nice little eaton m45 supercharger. stuart
  15. hi, i do belive it is this sunday coming 25th, at the tuilp pub in chelmsford. i did not make to any yet, but i will trying to come to this one in the mk. stuart
  16. stuart_


    hi all, so how know about the eaton m45 supercharger? if say i am starting with 200bhp, and strap a eaton m45 charger on it, will it give enough boost, and i know the charger is desinged for a 1.0 to 2.0 range as i do not want to undersize on teh charger and kill power, or give 20bhp out off it, so i want a notticeable perfomance change. thanks for any help stuart
  17. stuart_

    Stafford Show

    hi, i joined the club at delting, and i got a great welcome by all the mebers there at delting, then i went to stonleigh, only for a day, and saw a few faces and had a quick chat, and i went, and then newark i saw teh old faces and met soem very nice new faces, and staford i saw some off teh old faces, and had a little chat, so for me it has been a good club. but there are lots of members, i like to talk to every one about cars. stuart
  18. well, i got a 1.6 pinto and got 110mph out off it, on an airfield at home, and i was not going give any more, can not wait till next year when i will have my 2.0 duratec. mind you i have a indy, weights around 540kg. stuart
  19. £25, ouch, i am going to be doing 500 miles in the indy, stoping every 100 to fill teh tank up, and then get charged £25, so i can park my car on a bit off grass and pitch and tent for a night, i might have to re think on camping now.
  20. hi all, i am spending some money on the kit, i have wilwood 4pot cailpers with groved and drillered disc now, and i am getting my dad to pick up a duratec engine monday. well after my little crash(well tiny touch) in it, whilst saving up for the engine i had to pay to repaire the clio i touched on the side off. so as i am 18 on tuesday, means i can have a bigger engine, so my winter mod stock pill will be getting ready. so how knows there stuff on megasquirt then? i will need some help. stuart
  21. i do not need to look at the link, but if it is eddie99, yep it is, he passed to day, with 5 minors and will be picking his puma up at 6 today. well done again mate
  22. i saw all off the top gear and it did look fun, well i liked james co driver, defintaly could have fun there.lol stuart
  23. good luck edd, with the driving test tomorow mate. stuart
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