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  1. jacobeon

    2B Wishbone Conversion

    I am also interested. Alan.
  2. jacobeon

    Reversing Light

    Hello Trev, I'm just trying to fathom my vg loom at the moment and would be grateful for more details on all 3 of your mod's. Would be very grateful for a few pointers. Regards Alan.
  3. jacobeon

    G'day Mates

    Hi Joel, Welcome back , careful going down Manor Court road as there is a new speed trap. Isnt it cold !!! Regards AL .
  4. jacobeon

    Lowered Plenum

    Hi RACMAN/GEOFF, No, Im sorry I dont have another, It was just something I made up quick to overcome a problem at the time. Best of luck. Regards Alan.
  5. jacobeon

    Lowered Plenum

    Used a large *bleep* file, ro-lock abrasives ,alum polish and 1/4 tube of solvol ( 5hrs ). The swan-neck 1-2 hrs.Took longer to paint. ( for bleep read very rough ) Another photo adde to e-bay, I wil be suprised if it reach's £25 :boohoo: Regards Alan.
  6. jacobeon

    Great Western Kit Car Show

    Hello Duncan, I can recommend a B&B in Honiton, its about 12 miles from the show , down the A30. OAKLANDS EXETER ROAD HONITON 01404 44282 Regards Alan.
  7. jacobeon


    HI Joel, WOW, not bad for an "ARLEY KID" , you will need to rent Jacksons car park for when all the hoodies come round to run their hands over it . Regards AL (V6).
  8. jacobeon

    Threaded Base-plate Thingy

    Hi Joel, If you get stuck for these let me know and I will turn you some off, I do hope you dont need 20,000? Regards AL ( Stockingford )
  9. jacobeon


    Joel, hope you are wearing a mask working on that mdf,lookig good though Regards AL
  10. jacobeon

    Someone In Rugby

    Hi Wozzer, I'm in Nuneaton, 2.4 v6 2b , building since Feb 10th 2000, got to let the bits mature!!! Regards Alan.
  11. jacobeon

    Head , Efi Advice Please.

    Oooohh there they are Alan.
  12. jacobeon

    Head , Efi Advice Please.

    Hi Chaps, Thanks for the replies Looks like its decision time , i will see what turns up first.If i use the 2ltr head i will have to use the 2ltr head gasket with 1800 block, am i correct? Bill, very sorry about the Jugular, i've put mine in the nosecone Regards Alan PS . How do i get the smily faces to appear?
  13. jacobeon

    Head , Efi Advice Please.

    Hi folks, This is my first post so I apppalojiz for any spelling mistakes now!! I have a dilemma and hope you can help. I have a 1.8 pinto with a Pieburg carb (yuk ) the head has soft valve seats and the ems is the dreaded ESC II . I want to go over to efi, dont know a lot about it , so advice please. Will the 2ltr efi head go straight onto the 1800 block if I use a 2 ltr head gasket , coil , distributor and the EEC IV control system ? Im not after high performance, just smooth running and reliability. I suppose a straight 2ltr efi swap would be the best solution, but the 1800 was such a good runner in the donor. Also can anyone suggest a good place to stick the batte-- on 2nd thoughts forget that!!!! Happy new year everyone. Regards Alan.