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  1. Rod Sorry didn't read post earlier. Won't be a problem its just cluttering garage, my 2B is also up for sale at the moment. Email me, I read those all the time and make me offer Dave
  2. Rod Have a 205 Sierra engine 1986 vintage in the garage taking up space. Its not complete, but neither the head nor the sump has been taken off. So you get an injection head, the best one, a wide flange cover and the complete 205 block. I've no idea what its like inside. Make me an offer bikerdcr@aol.com Dave
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  4. Thought I had this wring cracked....wrong. Engine test stage without dash and stalks connected yet was a massive success. However, battery went flat overnight. Charged it up, thought about taking it back, but checked voltage flows first. Am using alternator with 3 threaded posts. Would asume thick brown to the thick post, other battery wire next to that and third wire to the bottom terminal. Battery shows charging when running. When I take off battery live, with ign off, have 12v flow between battery and live lead. Traced it to the alternator. Have same 12v between both brown wires and the alternator. Is this my drain, or is the new battery shot?
  5. bikerdcr

    38 Dgas Linkage

    Hi. has anyone out there got the plate and linkage to the carb, that bolts to the manifold, that they want to sell fairly cheaply.....running out of funds. Its the stock pinto manifold bored out for the 38dgas Dave
  6. bikerdcr

    Fan Wiring

    Probably been asked before, but. Trying to wire up a relay for the fan as per the diagram on the Northwest owners site. Seems very straightforward, except......Any suggestions where to pick up the live from the ignition on the vicy green loom?
  7. Am using Bosch dizzy, ripped out points and fitted Aldon internals. Without a ballast resister fitted will need coil with high resistance. Can anybody point me in the right direction...make, model or part number Dave
  8. Fighting through the wiring harness for 2B, and apart from having to rewire every plug, have one plug not sure about. Its at the front part of the haness and runs from the headlamp blue taped wiring. Its on a spur of about 1 metre and has a white stepped three pin large plug on the end. Not having a chart doesn't help, but i'll just add that to the list of things I haven't got. I will be running Bosch dissy with Aldon internals with 3ohm coil on 2 litre pinto Dave
  9. Here we go again. Just ordered a Seat Marbella rad for my 2B with 2ltr pinto engine. Can anyone that uses this system answer a couple of questions plse Which cap to use....... Which expansion bottle? I assume this will be a spit and suck and not a totally pressurised system? Has anuone fitted a sucker fan on the inside?
  10. Can anyone tell where this cable is designed to be routed without ridiculously tight bends? I have one of the last 2B's that I started in August....does anything fit? After resigned to have to totally redesign everything as I go along, now turning attention to the speedo cable before finishing the tunnel. Would fit a right angled adaptor, but £54?? Anybody know another cheaper source? Dave
  11. Apart from Burtonpower, where is the best place to get camshaft bearings for my 2 ltr pinto engine?
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