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  1. jwts

    First Mot

    Hi, My Super Spec is due for its first MoT in December. I built it without a windscreen (it has an aero-screen); is It OK for MoTing? Regards, John (jwts).
  2. I don't think so. I think it is wider - the SuperSpec and the 2B have very different bonnets. John.
  3. Hi, My SuperSpec has the Rover 2ltr T series engine with the MT75 gearbox. It left the RH factory in 2004 and i bought it very part built at the end of 2007. It was IVA'ed and registered December 2012. I planned to take it to the Detling Show this year but as Will mentioned it didn't take place. If anyone from Kent is reading this I'm quite keen on a meet. There is country pub near where i live with a large car park and I've seen other car and motorbike meetings there. I'm happy to go see if I can arrange a RH meet there if people are interested. John (jwts).
  4. Hi, I sent a photo of my Super Spec to a friend in India. He had never seen a car like it before and asked 'How many cars like that are there in the UK?' and I had to confess I didn't know. So does anyone know roughly how many Lotus7 lookalike cars are actually on the road in the UK? What about other kit cars? For myself I often wonder what proportion of kits actually get finished? I bought mine when it was 4 years old on ebay and it had had hardly been started. Regards, John (jwts).
  5. jwts


    I didn't get there in the end 'cause my Super Spec broke down on the way . It seems I didn't miss very much but it will be a shame if it closes down. it's by far the nearest for me and I've attended it every year since I joined RHOCaR. I think one of it's problems is that it's the earliest in the season and consequently is more likely to have bad weather. In the five years I've been there it has rained heavily at least four times. The first year (2008) it was absolutely torrential. Maybe i would be better if they moved it to later? The idea of blending into the county show sounds possible, they aready have a decent vehcle display including cars, buses, military vehicles, etc. If it does close where is the next nearest relevent event? John (jwts).
  6. jwts


    Hi, I'll be there on Sunday - for the first time in my Super Spec (passed IVA in December) . I was hoping to do both days as its my local show but with no top or windscreen I try to avoid the rain. John (jwts).
  7. jwts

    Fail At Gillingham Today

    Steven, It was the beam pattern (or lack of it) that the inspector failed. I've changed to H4 headlamp units and a pair of Osram Nightbreakers. I already had a new H4 bulb so I was able to compare directly a new +30% H4 and the Nightbreaker and the Nightbreaker was definitely brighter and whiter. Plus a very pleasing but subtle faint blue tinge . The new headlamps really do look the business. Regards, John.
  8. jwts

    Fail At Gillingham Today

    Robin. I've been over to Maidstone to pick up some forms and checked it out. First problem is that the person who does the BUVI is only there every other Wednesday and tomorrow is one. So the next day it can be done is 12 December. The transporter is a truck not a trailer so he might be able to get in the nearer car park unless there is a height restriction (I must confess I didn't think to look for that). So I'll complete the paperwork as much as I can and as soon as I get the pass certificate I'll get over there to try and get that date arranged. Then it will be another £70 to get the car there. By the time I've paid the reg fee and taxed the car there won't be much change out of a thousand pounds for IVA, registration and tax. I sometimes wonder if it would not have been more fun for the past four years to sit in a comfy chair and tear up £10 notes. Too late now . John.
  9. Hi, I failed on two points: 1. The handbrake worked but was at the end of its travel (09C:RS 13) 2. The headlamp cut-off pattern was incorrect (25:RS 10 and RS 11) The headlamps use a pair of Wagner sealed beam units (supplied by RH) and basically he couldn't find a dip pattern. I have a retest booked and a pair of replacement non-sealed beam units is on order from CBS. The retest is mid morning, can I book the DVLA process on the same day while the car is still on the transporter? The VOSA testing station and the DVLA offfices are only about 20 miles apart. John.
  10. jwts

    Fuel Gauge For Iva

    Thanks for the replies. I'll leave as is then. I should have asked earlier - i had already made the support bracket and modified the switch to make it fit . While I am in contact with two knowlegeable builders I'd like to ask two more iVA related questions: 1. What documents do I need to take with me? 2. What is the best to do about photos? I was thinking about printing out a selection and taking the rest on my notebook computer. Would that be OK? What exactly is the purpose of the photos? Is it to prove I did the work or is it to show bits of the build you can't see when it is complete? John.
  11. jwts

    Fuel Gauge For Iva

    Hi, My fuel gauge shows the correct reading while you are driving but it doesn't return to zero when you turn the ingnition off. I know why it is but does it matter for IVA? In case you wonder why it's because the sender supplied by RH with the Super Spec kit was wired the other way around so the gauge would go from Full to Empty as you filled the tank. RH's solution was to alter the face of the gauge changing E to F and F to E and painting the red bit black. I thought this was a fiddle and just changed the wiring in the sender. It works but doesn't self zero. I can fix it by adding a 'reset' button which you could press to zero the gauge but is it necessary? Regards, John.
  12. Ian, Thanks for this, I hadn't thought of it but looking at the picture in the link supplied by RichardL I see what you mean. My driveway has a small slope down to the road and the car only just clears the apex of that. John.
  13. Hi, My thanks to those who replied to my question. As Al says there is no need to have a spare wheel for the IVA but I have mounted my rear number plate carrier on the spare wheel carrier and it looks odd without the wheel. Also there is the unlikely chance of a puncture on the way to/from the test. I have ordered a soft cover but I won't fit the spare wheel bolts until I have the cover and am sure it will do the job. Is it OK to store the jack and related tools inside the wheel? The spare wheel is vunerable (it has value just as scrap) and I was thinking of how to protect from an opportunist thief. The only idea I've had so far is to drill a hole through one of the mounting bolts and fit a small padlock. Anyone come up with a better idea? Regards, John.
  14. Hi, What sort of spare wheel cover is required for the IVA? Does it need to be semi-rigid like this: http://www.bargainwo...EL-COVER-(Black) or is a soft one sufficient like this: http://www.bargainwo...ain-Wheel-Cover If you can suggest a supplier that would be useful too. I just found this site and don't know how good it is but it did have both sorts I was considering. Regards, John.
  15. Hi, My car is having it's IVA at VOSA Gillngham on 22nd of this month. I'm hoping to drive there and back but this is November and the weather could be too bad (I have no screen or hood). Can anyone recommend a delivery/recovery service I could use? I may also need one if the weather is OK but they fail it on something serious. Finally, what sort of cost should I be budgeting for for two 35 mile trips? Any info/suggestions appreciated. Regards, John.
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