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  1. Hi I owned the car for 10 years 1999to2009.,if you still have the car and want some info my email is Sm371087@gmail.com. Steve
  2. yob

    Popping Exhaust

    Had Mr home tune out to mine found tiny crack in inlet manifold gasget.Ok to have a bit of backfire but down hill it was deaf un ing.
  3. yob


    Hi, thanks for everybods help even i like a bit of back fire but it sounded like a shot gun every few seconds.but found out it it was inlet manifold gasket thanks again
  4. yob


    hi When accelerating car runs great but when i take foot off throttle get back fire.worse down hill.Any ideas thanks plugs only done 600 miles.
  5. hi my hoods been knocking on the rear susp found it is semi trailing arm outer bush,one near wheel. If you look in forum topic rear suspension 2 lads gave me a link to 2 web sites that sell the bushes. steve from rawmarsh
  6. yob

    Rear Suspension

    thanks for that Nigel .where could the polybushes. where could i get the polybushes.Thanks
  7. yob

    Rear Suspension

    Hi I have got a lot of play on the rear semi trailing arm that connects to the outer body work.I tightened the bolt but it came loose again.Can the bush be replaced or is it new arm.I can pull the wheel over an inch side to side when on a jack.Thanks
  8. Hi any one got any ideas for cleaning bolt on K&n filter other than K&n solutions.Been told to clean with petrol. From a skint hood owner.
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