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  1. I have access to a tube bender, If you let me have a drawing I will see if I can get it done.
  2. MartinP

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Bob, Thoroughly enjoyed the few days down south with Sylvia and yourself, what with the eating, then discovering the joys of Gin making, then eating, steam boating on the Thames and then more eating See you again soon D & M
  3. Our thanks to Jackie & Richard for a superb weekend. Great routes with nice driving roads. I was surprised at how well the convoy of cars held together all day. Thoroughly enjoyed the event and the company. I will try and get some photos up as Photobucket is now defunct.
  4. MartinP

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    Thanks Mo & Bob for another memorable weekend an the accommodation We thoroughly enjoyed the company, cooking, drinking, skittles and banter. Thanks to Bob T for the challenge and Al for manning the BBQ Pictures. . The remains of the plane!!
  5. MartinP

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    paid up early :clapping:
  6. Getting back into the groove a bit, so fancy this as a inspirational run out, (albeit in the MX5). Dee & myself have booked at the Gwesty for both nights and look forward to meeting old friend and new.
  7. Hi both, Thanks for a lovely weekend, we both had a good time meeting friends old and new. I will load some of the pictures we took up over the weekend. D & M
  8. Hi both, Just sent the £20 for the Saturday night over via paypal to Mo's email. We will be down on the Friday and bring designated food Sorry its late but not been on much due to being newly wed
  9. Dee said "if you open a good bottle of red wine, we'll be able to smell it from 5 miles away"
  10. Hi Both, Finally sorted out membership We will try to get there for the Friday evening do, as last year . Don't hold the dinner...... Ooh you didn't Dee & Martin
  11. Really easy to replace, I did mine (318Ti) for the MOT last week. Got the parts from "Europarts".
  12. More photos, a ggod time was had by all
  13. Some picture of the weekend in Salisbury Bob setting up the "bar" Obligatory line up of cars Bob under orders Afternoon in the sun Wildlife
  14. MartinP

    Picture Test

  15. As usual had a brilliant time with Bob & Mo and friends his weekend. Got to the pub just in time to order food, great meal, just a pity the hot puddings had all gone Saturday weather could not have been better, by the end of the day I was pinked up as I refused to put sun cream on. evening barbeque was scrummy whatever you decided to eat. Sunday breakfast on the lawn and a couple of hot teas set us up for the day. Great company and thanks for the lodgings again this year. D & M
  16. Must say it was a briliant weekend (alternative honeymoon), we both thoroughly enjoyed the company, the food and 5 bottles of champagne. I see you found the selfie on Mo's camera Many thanks for the "honeymoon suite". See you soon. Dee & Martin
  17. Hi Bob, My (by then) newly wed wife and I are booking in for this one as our honeymoon , if you have room in the field we will be camping. There is action on the car front Martin & Dee
  18. For sale £160, to get my money back. 4 off Yokohama tyres on alloy rims. 185 50/R14 manufactured "YYY1902" Offset 6J x 14H2 E41 Available to collect or may work out meeting point Martin
  19. MartinP

    Malt Shovel

    Hi Gaz, I will be there, plus two. Martin
  20. I was planning to make my 5 mtr x 7 mtr garage a bit eco with regards to the heating & lighting. I have already made a solar air heating panel, which was a start, but version 2 would have been an improvement. Third stage was to have a 12v fan moving air across a solar powered warm water radiator. to power this I acquired a 500Kg, 24v fork lift battery pack, complete with single phase (16 amp) charging station. Now due to a change in circumstances, (I won't be local to the garage), I need to find a new home for this piece of kit. I can weigh it in but it would be a shame to lose the opportunity to help a fellow lateral thinker. suggestions appreciated. Martin
  21. I have the Rivnut tool and as above, the smaller mandrels are a bit delicate. The new design uses cap head pins so the replacement parts are pennies. I would recommend them, but have no experience with other makes. Martin
  22. Finally got to this stage, so this will really let me get onto the home straight.
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