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  1. Bay item number: 223157727604 £1400 to anybody on here
  2. Thinking of selling my car so i can start a new project. Here is the stats Book built locost chassis built by myself in stainless with a 2"wider track ( coded welder) Zetec Turbo engine that is well sorted with forged pistons and steel rods, 327BHP that has been turned down to 250 to make more drivable BGH close ratio gearbox with stronger bearings Bara motorsport LSD 3:62:1 diff Front and rear anti roll bar 3 core aluminium radiator Dion rear axle Windscreen, surry roof and westfield doors I have no idea what to ask for her as she is one of a kind
  3. RS four spoke wheels £40 for all 4
  4. Has anyone got a pair of sierra rear hubs in shed they would like to swop for beer money
  5. What is the address. I am at the postcode given but its not here
  6. Just got asked if i can work weds and thursday night instead of the weekend so people can watch football. Now booked tickets so see you all soon. Whoop whoo
  7. I have been using a small number plate for 11 years with no problem. I have been pulled twice by the Police for going too slow, Police did not say anything about the small plate. The question we should be asking is would a full size front number plate pass the IVA. I was also pulled in the past with a front number plate on a Puch moped and told to take it off. Tried to explain to the officer the motor bike front number plate where removed because the was on the front mudguard longways. This made them very dangerous, mine was on the front forks so no danger present. He agreed and let me on
  8. Bara motorsport did mine, they changed the viscose fluid and it now works as it should. Can now leave two black lines behind me ans do donuts. Not so good for the tyres thow
  9. Checked all mount and they look new. Think i have found it, looks like os cv joint. When turned i can replicate the noise. ( will remove and check joint and splines plus hub ) Thanks for all the replies Kev
  10. Talbot express Kontiki. Does it every time i pull off or change fron 1st to 2nd. Cannot get it to do it sat on the drive
  11. I have a problem with my motorhome that i am having trouble identifying. When i take up drive from a standing start and change gear i get a single knock from front offside, sounds to me like its a C/V joint but they are only 2000 miles old. Both side C/V joints feel like they have the same amount of play in them. Any ideas welcomed as not sure where to look now
  12. Count me in any excuse for a Trackday
  13. Not sure if Standard pressure regulators are not rising rate. Someone on here should know I hope
  14. Just want to throw one in there. Who is using a rising rate fuel pressure regulator? I understand when the vacuum changes to pressure in the inlet manifold when the throttle is opened and boost takes over. This causes the fuel pressure to go up causing the injectors to flow more. Not saying this could be the problem but might be worth thinking about
  15. Wow, i can make this one as its my weekend off
  16. Cut the old plate off and replace with new steel. Each time you weld stainless you cause the other side of metal to oxidise, this is why it should be back purged. This is why the repair has failed
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