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  1. adame

    Which Bike Carbs?

    Bike carb idea is on hold for the moment. I had a guy come into my work who was building a trike and happened to mention that he had a set of twin 40 webers sitting on the shelf in his workshop. After a little haggling we settled on £140! including manifold linkages and air filters! cool! Gunna re build the this weekend and see what happens. -Ad
  2. Sorry for the dodgy pic, my camera phone is rubbish! Decided that I wasn't happy with my loom from when I originally fitted it so I thought I'd cut it about a bit! So far so good, glad I have taken these steps. Not quite finished yet, but I can't believe how much crap I've taken out of the loom! It needed alot of shortening plus some repairs / modifications. Will post an update when finished. -Adam
  3. adame

    Which Bike Carbs?

    Have an 1800 cc Pinto (I know it's a rubbish model but its all I can afford) which currently has a peice of crap pierburg carb on it. I want to swap out the rubbish pierburg carb and replace it with a set of bike carbs (in a hope to acheive at least some power!) I see alot on ebay and it's tough to say which ones to go for. Also have seen that some ppl have had issues with them being Thorttle boddies and not carbs. -Can anyone tell me which bike carbs/from what bike are the best ones to go for? (SUZUKI GSXR600 SRAD 96/97 CARBS ?? or '98 Suzuki Bandit 1200 ??) any usefull information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Ad the amature.
  4. I nearly bought those! let me know how u get on with em! -Ad
  5. You guys are great. Thanks so much for your help. It gives me alot more confidence and enthuthiasm to get going on the car again knowing that I have people I can ask questions. Cheers to all - Ad
  6. Currently have an siera estate car loom in my 2B with more extra circuits (and length) than I care to even think about! Anyone using aftermarket looms? If so any suggestion on a good manufacturer or should I leave alone? Also same across a nice higher model spec instrument pod, which has different wiring than current one. anyone ever wired one up?? Cheers - Adam
  7. Thanks for your quick replies, you've been very helpfull. Wish I'd gone for a all mild steel version though - much easier to form, cut, drill etc and less worry about stratching! Cheers -Ad
  8. Car - 2B Stainless I have my floor pan fitted but it seems to be very thin and flimsy. every time i step on it, it flexes and buckles. I do not feel confident in fixing my seats to it. Has anyone used a different material for their floor pan? or re-inforced it some way? Your thoughts and feedbck are greatly appreciated. -Adam
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