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  1. Just a thought, you now have 12 pistons needing fluid in a system designed for 6? The master cylinder will have to travel further to supply more fluid to the extra pistons causing longer pedal travel. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade the master cylinder if you haven’t done so already.
  2. The MOT testing manual states If your vehicle was registered prior to 1st August 1978 it only needs one rear view mirror, either interior or 1 wing/door mirror doesn’t matter which side, but must provide a clear view to the rear. If registered after 1st August 1978 it will need two rear view mirrors one of which must be an offside wing/door mirror which must provide a clear view to the rear, the second mirror can be either interior or nearside wing/door mirror and again must provide a clear view to the rear of the vehicle. Search MOT inspection manual, Visibility, for the full versio
  3. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away for a few days. The VOSA system isn’t the problem here, nowhere when entering the vehicle details into the VOSA system are you told what criteria to test the emissions. The problem lies with the emissions test equipment being used and the date of registration entered/selected. If you enter/select the date of 2004 then the test criteria applied, are as your tester stated. He would need to enter/select the engine age to get the correct test criteria for your car. If he has already failed your car on emissions then you have some options. As
  4. The system VOSA now use is relatively new and is evolving constantly, I would still suggest your MOT man rings the help line for clarity if he is confused. The testing manual is clear your car should be tested to the emissions limit on the V5C and that is what I would test it at. DVLA have nothing to do with MOT’s so it’s pointless contacting them. If your man doesn’t want to contact VOSA take it to someone else, or contact VOSA yourself, I speak as an MOT tester with nearly 40 years experience, common sense should prevail. I think the confusion here is the registration date, vehicles fir
  5. Hi, as an MOT tester I’ve copied this from the current online MOT test manual, I suggest you get the tester to read the manual to clear up any issues. If he is still not happy he can contact VOSA helpline for clarity, as for contacting DVLA I’d personally give that a miss. HTH Gary Kit cars Kit cars and amateur built vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1998 must have either Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) or Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). You must test kit cars or amateur built vehicles to the limits in the vehicle's registration document (V5c). If the V5c doesn't s
  6. Taken from the latest MOT test inspection manual: Top of page Gaseous emissions You must inspect vehicles with spark ignition engines first used on or after 1 August 1975. You don't need to check: L category vehicles hybrid vehicles – with electric and combustion engines hydrogen fuel cell vehicles two stroke engines – unless they are subject to a catalyst test If a vehicle first used before 1 September 2002 is fitted with an engine that's older than the vehicle, you must test it to the standards applicable for the engine. The vehicle presenter must have proof of the
  7. The following link advises different, shows how you can get confused as it states 'You can take your vehicle away if your MOT certificate is still valid', however if it has no MOT then you can only take it away for repairs and back for a retest. https://www.gov.uk/getting-an-mot/retests
  8. As an MOT tester I have been told by the 'man from DOSA' that no one has the power to cancel an MOT. If a vehicle has a valid MOT a fail at anytime before the expiry date does not cancel the existing MOT, however if the fail identifies the vehicle is dangerous to drive in the opinion of the tester this will be indicated on the failure notice and you would be wise not to drive it. As far as I'm aware the rules about preserving the test date have not altered, you still can get a test upto one calendar month to persevere the the test date, ie have an MOT certificate which lasts 13 months. All
  9. A broken spring is an MOT failure, however it is a visual inspection only. I know some BMW springs are partially hidden by a shroud and if the break is hidden then it may not be visible when inspected with the wheels on, so passes. The MOT has a lot of flaws, if a wheel nut is missing it is a failure but only if it is visible, so in theory it's possible to have only one wheel nut holding the wheel on and pass the MOT if the fixing is behind a hubcap, as the tester is not allowed to remove anything. Some components are hidden by covers like engine cover and under trays and therefore can not be
  10. Many years ago when I worked for a Renault dealer, we had a customer with an oil leak on his Clio 172. Turned out to be from an oil gallery drilling on the cylinder head and required a new head. He rejected the car as a major component had failed, Renault gave him a brand new Clio 182. Not sure what the law says now but would ask trading standards where you stand. I think the rejection procedure only applies within the first six months, so as you brought in January it may not apply. Get in touch with the manufacturers customer service department and explain the problems you are experiencing a
  11. Have been the last two years and stayed near Goodwood the night before and traffic is a nightmare if you don't get there early. There is so much to see you will probably not get to see everything in one day so plan what you want to see and make a priority list. Rally stage is good as they really do go for it in some very expensive kit, from old school, Group B classics to modern WRC cars. Crossing the track can be a pain as you have to wait for cars/ bikes to clear the track first so study map so you can avoid if poss,(there is a bridge). HTH Gary
  12. Does the gearstick move when travelling and foot on and off the throttle? If this happens then it could be mountings, not sure if this vehicle has a transverse engine and gearbox or inline. If it only happens at idle then have you got an engine misfire causing the engine to shake? Diesel engines are normally quite smooth at idle these days due to electronic control so unusual to have a mounting problem at idle which has suddenly developed. I know that inline engines in Hyundai terracan's which is a very similar model to yours have problems with leaking injectors. They leak around the base whe
  13. I don't think they can do the work and charge you unless they have a contract with you either verbally or written, which you have said you haven't so I would go back and speak to the manager first. Explain that they have changed the wheel bearing without your permission which you believe is without a contract and ask for your money back. If they refuse then contact Trading Standards. I worked in a garage and we did an MOT which failed on a bulb, to save the customer time and having to return we changed the bulb without his permission as he was not contactable, when he returned he refused t
  14. And the Dunlop sticker above the shell sticker on the front panel.
  15. +1 for camcoat cremakrome. Had my manifold done very professional company, they explained the process and will show you around if you ask. Would highly recommend.
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