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  1. lucavigg

    For Sierra Donor

    So, I would just dispose of it as scrap metal rather than approach a car scrap company and run into difficulties when I tell them it's already declared as scrapped on the V5? Luca
  2. lucavigg

    For Sierra Donor

    Hi I have just found out that the donor vehicle I purchased a while ago for my Zero was declared as scrapped on the document by the original owner rather than sold to me! I'm assuming now that I cannot use this as the basis for registering the vehicle and that I will have to get rid of it as scrap metal. Is that correct? Thanks Luca
  3. Finally managed to get out there and test fit everything. I see what you mean by spacers and re-drilling. It all looks good now though, so It's all coming apart for painting. By the way, how did you get the required tension on the fan belt from adjusting the idler pulley? And what is the correct tension? Luca
  4. Thanks Nick, You've just condensed two weekends of labelling, tracing and continuity testing followed by many hours of head scratching into a single post. I'm grateful. Luca
  5. Thanks Sharky, I think I've got it. I'll be out there tomorrow to test fit and PM you if I run into probs. Thanks again.
  6. I have everything in picture 1 except idler pulley.
  7. Can some kind sole who has the GBS alternator kit for the Zetec, tell me how the brackets go together. GBS have kindly sent me pics of it in situ, but I still can't work it out. Thanks Luca
  8. Ordered and on the way. Thanks for the help Nick
  9. Nick. I'm not familiar with skin pins. If I get hold of some, I presume I have to get them to match the rivet holes that will eventually hold everything together. Or can they be used in a range of hole diameters? Luca
  10. The wife? We get into enough arguments shifting furniture. I have a friend who I helped build a Cobra replica a while back. He might be a better candidate. Luca PS My first attempt at writing this message left out the "F" in "SHIFTING"
  11. Thanks Nick. Great set of pics and exactly what I was looking for. Luca
  12. Looks great. Perhaps when you get some time you could post a step by step, and what the major headaches were. I'm dreading this part! Luca
  13. I was wondering more about the non return-valve part of it on the Zetec thermostat. Luca
  14. I've obviously stripped a lot of bits from my 2L Zetec Blacktop acquired from GBS when I bought the kit. Things like inlet manifold, exhaust etc. One of the things I came across the other day was the thermostat housing from the Zetec. I retrieved the thermostat and noticed that there was a small hole in the housing with a tiny bearing and holder to make what looks like a non-return valve. Given other peoples advice on this forum regarding the problems with the Raceline water rail, which I have fitted, would my water rail setup benefit from a similar type of thermostat instead of the supplied one? What is the effect of having a small valve like this in the housing? Thanks Luca
  15. lucavigg

    Omex Ecu

    I was thinking of packing it inside the box with the foam that it came in, but I might just leave some air round it. Thanks guys.
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