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  1. Thanks for the good wishes guys, not sure what is next. I know I'll be sad when the 2B goes, I've put a lot of thought and effort into building it and getting it IVA'd. Quite taken with the idea for a biked engined car, or maybe a zero or Indy, just going to see what comes up. I'll be surprised if it s not a kit, but I have an open mind. Thanks again Angus
  2. My 2B for sale on Ebay, buy it now £4000. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221214220953?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 To make way for a new project, as yet undecided, but probably connected to some the things I ignored for the last 5 years, while building the car, (if my wife has her way!) Thanks Angus
  3. Sounds like you have a poor earth. Start checking the driver's side , probably just a small amount of corrosion on the earth terminal in the back lights. Certainly that is where I'd look first. HTH Angus
  4. I think the owner should be congratulated on getting what is obviously an older kit through IVA. There are obviously things that could be redone and improve the look of the car. But I'd suggest it has been built on a limited budget and IVA cost and registering a car, so insurance and tax too and you are looking at the best part of £1000, from experience. Car seems reasonably priced for what it is, which is a road legal home built car...
  5. Andy, Looks to me like you have your new car home, nice to see another one in Dunfermline colours - come on ye PARS!!! Watch out for the gritters. cheers Angus
  6. sadjagboy

    What Now?

    Yes you need to get the correct form filled in possibly get build up inspection, complete another form and pay first reg fee and tax the car and then you might get to drive it on the road. Your DVLA local office will be able to help, I found Edinburgh very helpful, but its probably a bit far to travel! Well done onthe IVA pass! Best regards Angus
  7. You can run just shortening the sump without adding extra capacity, just always check your oil level before setting off, which you would do anyway?? I've run mine last year with no issues. For different bonnet cuts have a look here Joey's Bonnet and here Grizzly's for some ideas and guidance, I found both these sites inspirational during the 4yrs 11 mnths it took me to get to IVA. Best regards Angus
  8. Been on a trip with Westie owners to Applecross peninsula, roads are spectacular and pretty quiet, apart from other people out having a blat. Going over the Belach is pretty amazing. Some good pics from on page 17 onwards. http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/90004-applecross-2012/page__st__255 Applecross campsite with it's huts is a great place to stay and the Applecross Inn food is excellent too!
  9. mine were cut like yours, although the cuts were not so long, bolt through the GBS mount passed IVA ok earlier this year and IVA man did look at this area as he failed the coil over top bolt as it didn't go al the way through the lock nut. Have aways meant to weld them up, but petrol very near now so probably won't!
  10. I have mine hinged, a couple of lugs welded on to the chassis and the frame bolted to the steel bonnet, the nosecone is attached to the steel bonnet, but not to the frame. hope the picture explains it better. No issue at IVA, just a standard rubber catch at each side. Angus
  11. I would advise against buying a cheap aftermarket one, I did and it would not work properly, ended up refitting the old one to get the car usable, although the needle is not stable so will have to replace during the winter. Speedy Cables looks like a reasonable option.
  12. I used split copper pipe then silver soldered the ends together to form a hoop (done fitted to the silencer) and applied a little araldite to hold it all in place. Looks okay when polished and passed IVA earlier this year. I'm sure I nicked this idea from someone on here, RobinJ66 should possibly be given the credit for this idea.
  13. sadjagboy

    Iva Date

    Yeah, it gets a little bit too real. Good prep and you'll be fine. Just look at it this way, what's the worst that can happen? IVA tester gives you a "to do list" If you get one, then just have to work your way through it and you'll be home and dry. If you've read the manual, thought of everything you'll get a IAC, either way you will have achieved a great deal. Best of luck Angus
  14. Hi Andy, Weather is great in France, but still need my fix of Rhocar! I would use 221, but there may be a better one that is available now. Enjoy Newark, Cheers Angus
  15. sadjagboy

    Iva Fail

    CBS do an approved flexi fuel filler hose, they give you a datasheet for IVA too, I had mine with me at IVA, but the examiner never asked to see it. I didn't have a boot at IVA, although I almost do have one now. http://www.cbsonline.co.uk/product/Heavy_Duty_Flexible_Fuel_Fill_1_Yard_Length_FFHO1 there are several different diameters available.
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