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  1. Scrap that post! We have just been out and wired in the immobiliser interface and she runs!
  2. Hello all. Building a Super Spec with the T series engine and as I'm sure you all know... the manuals etc from RH are pretty crap! We have the engine fireing up but it wont continue to run. The fuel pump primes but wont continuosly run after start and the injector's stop working! We have an immobiliser interface module in the kit... how do we wire it up? Any help is greatly appreciated as its been sat in the garage for far to long! Silverstone 2011 here I come!!!!
  3. I'm after all the information I can get, if any of you have any build notes or websites you have made or know of and would like to send them my way it would be much apreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I'm after some instruction DVD's for a super spec.. the ones we have hardly work and have big chunks missing. If anyone could copy or loan me a decent set to copy or point me in the right direction to get some, it would be a great help. We are struggling in places without the DVD. We are in the Thames Valley group area (Charlbury near Oxford) maybe we could also get along to the next meeting and have a good snoop at some of your cars. Thanks. Pete.
  5. pete86


    Excellent! Thank you very much
  6. pete86


    Hello. I dont suppose you could send me it also? I'm helping with the build of a super spec and we are having a few problems the same!
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