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  1. Rightyo, that sounds ok. This is a link to it: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=171275298912 I am guessing it should still have an IVA certificate with it? But is just issued a new reg number instead of a donor plate?
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    Iva Question

    Morning All, Long time since being on here, but I think it is time to get back in to RH ownership. I am looking at a 95% finished RH 2B to purchase. Owner states the following: IT HAS BEEN SVA'D AND THE LOG BOOK SAYS ROBIN HOOD. JUST NEEDS SOME BITS FINISHING AND MOT I t has been built from a few new/reconditioned parts so not a complete donor. He is saying that it is classed on the log book as a RH 2B and has an 05 number plate. From my last experience of RH ownership (now many years ago) I thought it had to be built from one donnor? Any advice appreciated.
  3. There seems to be a regulator type thing with numbers on built into the fuel line, how would I check pump pressure?
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a 1700 cross flow, stage 2 head and Dellorto twin 40's. It has a couple of problems: 1. Car runs rough at low revs (sub 3000rpm). Bit of a lumpy tick over and takes a while to clear when setting off. Above 3000 she runs very sweet and pulls well. (makes me think idle circuit problem) 2. Very hard to start when warm. Engine spins over and does sometime limp into life but generally have to leave to cool down untill it will start. Very embarrising in busy town driving 3. Fuel coming back through the carbs and in to the K&N air filters which then drips out and onto the steering shaft. 4. Pops and bangs on deceleration. 5. Once started from cold the car seems to either run on 3-cylinders or very rough untill taken above 3000 rpm for the first time. Then clears and sits and idles ok-ish. I have recently replaced the leaking exhaust gaskets thinking that this would help the problems but alas not. I then cleaned the jets out, again no difference. Could any body shed some light? I have a carb re-build kit ready to be fitted but thought I'd check if there was a simple fix first as the car has been rolling road tuned in the past and didnt really want to play with too many of the adjustments. The chokes also seem to be disconnected by the way. Thanks for your help. Elliot
  5. This is up on ebay as some might have noticed. Unfortuantly it has to go so offers around £2949. Remember this a completed car with SVA so would be an ideal first car for people who dont want the hassle and expense of the IVA. Descroption from ebay: 2004 Robin Hood 2B. SVA’d in 2004 by previous owner who then did less than 200 miles with it so it sat garaged from 2005 until Feb 2009 when I bought it. I stripped the car down to pretty much the bare chassis as the previous owner had done a poor job of the paint finish and it needed some other bits finishing. Thus it was rebuilt and passed MOT in I think may. I have done maybe 400 miles and that is it. The car is correctly registered as a silver and black Robin Hood Kit on the V5 with an E registration mark. Comes with 10 months MOT and taxed until the end of September, just enough for the summer! Although I didn’t build the car originally, the first owner explained a lot about the build with lots of receipts. It took him 5 years and judging by the build, a lot spent on it. Here is the original information I had for it with some extra bits that I’ve added on: Engine and transmission 2100 cc Ford Pinto (bored out from 2L) Kent FR34 cam Kent Vernier pulley Large valves and gas flowed by Power Zone (Mini-Sport's non Mini arm) Weber 32/36 carb Recon 5 speed gearbox Shortened sump Sierra prop and drive train Engine was built and fitted to a sierra before going into the Robin and used as a run about briefly 4 to 2 manifold into RH exhaust (makes an amazing sound) I haven’t done anything with the engine other than cleaning out the carb jets and getting the carb setup by the local garage. All information supplied by the previous owner but I took the rocker cover off last week to change to gasket and by the looks of it the cam is pretty much brand new. Brakes Brake pads and shoes were new when the car was built, still look new Most seals replaced Suspension Standard RH front suspension Independent sierra rear suspension New springs and shocks at the rear when built Electrics Autosparks wiring loom Smiths Telemetixs gauges Brand new battery Headlights are a bit corroded on the outside but work fine obviously. Would be nice to replace them, can get them off ebay for about £30 a pair. Body Silver and black paint scheme done with 2 pac paint and primer by a professional local sprayer. Baked in a kilm and painted on the inside as well. Cost £500 with me doing the labour of the sanding. Paint is in very good condition Interior Aluminium dash board 3 point racing harnesses Corbeau Recliner seats (drivers on sliders) Mountey GT steering wheel Cigarette lighter for your sat nav! Other Robin Hood branded alloy wheels with good tyres Brand new windscreen wipers and washer system fitted for MOT Full set of wet weather gear, fitted but never ever used (over £350 worth with receipt) Set of steel wheels with 5 brand new tyres Every nut and bolt I replaced was with brand new stainless ones I have a large piece of alloy sheet which I was going to make into a boot cover but never got around to. Problems The car has a couple of niggles that I just haven’t got around to fixing yet but I feel the buyer should know. Nothing serious but would only take a weekend to sort out. Speedo doesn’t register properly but has power to it, I think I unplugged something when rebuilding it has worked previously as has miles on it Front grill hasn’t been finished but does have one Engine needs to be warmed up properly before driving otherwise runs slightly jumpy under load. This I think is due to the build and performance of the engine and running a relatively small carb. As I say once warmed up runs perfect. Small oil leak from what I think is the cam oil seal. I originally thought it was the rocker cover gasket so I replaced it but it wasn’t the cause of the problem. So it looks like the cam seal which should be an easy job according to the garage. It doesn’t leak enough oil to notice on the dip stick but you can see a couple of drops on the floor in garage once it’s been sat for a while after running. If I get a chance I will try my best to fix these things but I am strapped for time over the summer with other commitments (hence the sale). This car has been ALOT of fun over the summer so far but I just haven’t found enough time to use it, plus I enjoyed building it so will be looking for a new winter project! The car is very fast, the pinto should push out 140 BHP due to upgrades (could be more with a bigger carb). It makes a lot of noise, gives a very good burst of acceleration and turns a lot of heads. I have never done more than about 30 miles in one go so I suggest that it is trailored away unless you live within a 50 mile radius. I also suggest that you view the car before bidding as although I have described it to the best of my knowledge it is worth seeing so you can make your mind up. No test drives unless I have the money in my hand, I don’t mind taking people out for a spin as long as it’s not raining. Insurance is horrendously cheap. Costs me £200 a year with zero no claims. Car has been kept in a warm garage for the winter. If you’re looking for a kit car then that needs a couple of niggles sorting out but don’t want to go through the expense and hassles of new IVA test then this is the one for you. The price is less than most of similar specs due to the little things to finish. It is MOT’d, taxed and ready to go for some summer fun! Any questions please call me on 07886180375. £2949.99 ono.
  6. Hey Everyone, Now that my hood is on the road finally im looking for some other like minded hoodies with in the area for some weekend run outs. I live in mid-wales (near Shrewsbury) but work in North Wales (near Llanberis (Snowdon) through the week. Any body about? There are some amazing roads in North Wales that just need driving! Thanks Elliot
  7. Ah right good that is what I am after. Whats the condition of it like? Thanks
  8. Can you look which model it is, it will say on the side? e.g. 32/36 or 38 dgas or something like that! thanks
  9. elliot tanner


    OK so after ringing every insurer around I finally have a policy. For some reason insurance companys hang up the phone when you tell them your 21 and want to drive a 2.1 kit car. Anyway, most people wont touch under 25's but 2getherinsurance and Adrian Flux gave me a quote. Flux - £352 2gether - £235 (parts only) So Gary from 2gether got my business and I think its a pretty reasonable quote seeing as I have 0 no-claims and bearing in mind the age. Quote is for £2600 value, 4000miles a year and includes commuting.
  10. Ah right, rats! The wheels I bought are the Robin hood ones, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=290309098933 The wheels arrived home this morning! So im guessing I will need to space them out a bit then? THats no problem I can make some spacers in work. Is it just the front that will have issues or is the rear going to be a problem as well??
  11. And Ian, was it jetted correctly when you set it up? Or will these need changing?
  12. Hi Ian, Thanks for the reply, I will have to send you over some photos of what she looks like now. Im guessing the timing was done when you had her? Do you remember what it was set at? I will clean out the carb this weekend and see if it makes any difference. Once it was started before it ran fine its just the starting that is an issue now, especially in colder weather.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I think this might be the problem as they don't seem to go verticall after starting so stay horizontal making it seem like its running rich.
  14. I was going to ask what the process is for engaging the choke? Should the choke wheb engaged close off the butterflY flaps on the top of the carb air input? When I took the air filter off yesterday there was some black reisidue/powder/soot underneath it, I'm guessing this isn't normal either?
  15. Hi everyone, Well the 2b is now back off the stands and rebuilt and looking rather better than she did 4 months ago! Now although I have rebuilt the majority of the car, I have left the engine and auxillaries relatively untouched as it was running when i bought it and engines aren't really my fortay. It went through MOT at the weekend. When she came off the stands she started ok after fuel came back through the system and was driven to the test centre. When she was there I mentioned to the mechanic that I didnt think that the mixture was quite right (2.1 pinto, single choke webber), running a bit rough at low RPM with a bit of popping and banging but getting smoother above 2,000 rpm. So he adjusted the carb (made it leaner) and then she purrrrred just great. So all fine and dandy drove her home and tucked her up in the garage ready for next weekend when I get some tax. Now today I go to start her and she just wont start. Everything turns over and it will have a go at starting with the odd ignition but nothing serious. She has never been the best starter in the world, especially when cold but could anybody offer some advice one where to go from here? What do I test for first? Sorry for the newbie dum questions. By the way im based in Mid-Wales if any body is near by? Thanks Elliot
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