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  1. it appears I can not post word documents on here. Suggest you all contact Bill Brown Battery Bill on here
  2. will post a link to forms on here soonest. please down load, print and bring with you
  3. if I had a car to shake down that was newly built, I would choose Blyton over Cadwell. Much as I love racing at Cadwell, for shakedown purposes, Blyton wins hands down. Virtually nothing to hit, nice and flat
  4. Colin, one cheque is fine. You are now #45
  5. Colin, One cheque for £100 will be fine. Is this one car shared between 2 or 2 seperate cars? Will also need your sons name. Must be over 18
  6. Paul Carter, remind me who is the second driver on your cheque
  7. Updated 12:34 29.07.13 For those of you dissapointed by the loss of our sprint tack day on 13th July. We now have a new date and the RAF have said they have finished playing with their airfield by then. New date Saturday 14th September Weather for Saturday http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ng32 Cost £50 per driver Driver number as indicated on the list below. Cheques to be with me by August 1st Cheques made payable to; The RAFMSA Cheques to be posted to J Walton 1 Hop Pole Cottages Hop Pole Deeping St Nicholas PE11 3HJ Here we go again, the s
  8. I'm sure I still have a vid somewhere of Tim sideways on his mobile
  9. you are both in the filing system know as the september envelope
  10. The cheque from Barry has been destroyed. The cheques for yourself, Matt and Andy retained pending September date.
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