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  1. sneintonmatt

    Gearbox Reversing Sensor

    thanks for the replies will have a hunt and see if i can find the wires and do it that way, or if i can find the bit cheaply will try doing it correctly, i do think i will have to drop the box out to even get close the hole is so close to the side of the tunnel
  2. sneintonmatt

    Gearbox Reversing Sensor

    i know that the gearbox should have a pair of metal splines coming out of the side of the lever housing which can then be connected to the electrics to trigger the reversing light, i have a 4 speed gearbox but where the connectors are supposed to be i have nothing just a hole not sure where i can get a replacement part, not even sure this is the right section to post in any help please?
  3. sneintonmatt

    Bonnet On A S7

    think i can see what you mean but in my mind seems like the bonnet woul then sit high above the scuttle height? dont know if i am just getting the wrong end of the stick tho, is there any chance of you showing me a picture at some point? thanks for the reply
  4. sneintonmatt

    Bonnet On A S7

    just getting to the point of fitting my bonnet to my s7 reading the wonderful instruction booklet the bonnet should rest of a lip on the edge of the scuttle but my scuttle has no lip, its descriped in the manual as firewall is to be riveted to the scuttle in the area covered by the bonnet, really confused by this as i cant seem to work out where my bonnet is supposed to go, any photos would be great or just tips thanks guys
  5. sneintonmatt

    Holiday Pay And P45

    generally agencys pay holiday included in your regular pay check your contract
  6. sneintonmatt

    Series 2 Strip Down

    if no one else claims headlights and wheels i really could use them
  7. sneintonmatt

    Royal Centre Nottingham

    if your coming to nott trent graduation might be better to park at the forest fields tram park and ride loads of space and free then only a short trip on the tram upto the uni buildings, cos you will need to go to the gown collection point and photo station which are both closer to forest fields then on to the royal centre, got my parents to park there last year when i graduated
  8. sneintonmatt


    i know that nitrous can be fitted, nothing like muscle car pressures but the little 50lb bottles will be fine, they generally produce between 25 and 75bhp increases, the guys at wizards of nos are ok but if you can get in touch with nitrous express they will generally give you better advice about how far you can go, how far you should go and engine safety limits, i have played with a pinto engine running a 250bhp increase from nos but the cost of doing it means totally pointless it was more of a scientific venture than any real point to it, also too much power in a seven style and you wont be able to control it, very easy to spin the rear end out with a sudden hit of nos and fly into a wall. on the flip side i love the stuff, had it in every silly car i have owned 400bhp increase in my dodge that was enough to snap your neck and bring a smile to your face
  9. sneintonmatt

    Members Only

    i still cant upgrade my account either member number 273 postcode ng36lz keep trying but still doesn't want to work worried i may have put the wrong postcode in at some point maybe?
  10. sneintonmatt

    No Spark Help Please

    nope thought it was that so charged battery up fully can't work it out poxy thing, it has turned over happily everytime now i think i m finally gonna get the spark cant get it to turn over.
  11. sneintonmatt

    No Spark Help Please

    well i now have power to the solid state ecu thing and suddenly when i think it is all going to work the bloody starter motor won't turn over just sits clicking away to itself, not very impressed.
  12. sneintonmatt

    What Was Your Very First Car?

    my very first road car was a triumph dolomite 1500hl in the wonderful maroon red, front wings were so rot had to replace them within first month, learnt to drive in it and then was first car of my very own, went through 5 clutches in the first year and numerous other little foibles ( every time i went over a bump whilst on full beams all light electrics would go off till the next decent bump) drove it for a few years till the engine went and replaced it with a 1850 engine with lots of little mods my dad had lying around wonderful, eventually the suspension went to the point i turned into a round about and the near side front wheel sailed past me that it had to go, loved that car so much would have it back in a heart beat other favourite was a 1973 dodge charger that was a present project from family friend, took forever and a small fortune to fix up but trips to teh drag strip made all that worth while 1075bhp with the nos on sadly the mpg being the wrong way round (gallons to the mile) means prob couldnt afford to even start it now shame loved every minute cant stand anything modern, wheres classic car mart when i need it
  13. sneintonmatt

    Sky + To Dvd

    ah well if you have a tv tuner that will make live a lot easier if you let me know what the file extension is of the recording i will be albe to tell you what you need to do to turn it into a watchable dvd
  14. sneintonmatt

    Sky + To Dvd

    doubtful, firstly you would need to get a tv card for your pc as the signal type would be all wrong from the sky+ box the otehr prblem is that a lot of these machines causea low level interference so that you cant record them so if you try to link up too many devices teh signal fails, not sure how they do it with digital but it still happens, if you can get the file from the sky box onto you pc the you will be in the right area would probably just need to work out what format it is in and re encode from that hope that helps, if you let me know what program it is i can prob send it to you or what outputs a sky plus box has so i can advise on connecting that up
  15. sneintonmatt

    I Need To Louvre My Bonnet

    will keep you posted not sure when i will speak to him but sisters wedding in two weeks so will definetly get chance then so will let you know