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  1. Hi i have a 4 branch manifold, and rear box complete system forsale at min on ebay, its all brand new, but has been in my garage for years, so im selling as second hand.
  2. I fitted a fiat uno thank into my sub k, u2u me your email address and i'll forward pictures to you
  3. fs sierra full disk brake set up I know shameless plug, but need to move some stuff. Thanks for looking. 2 fully working cal's, disk used put good, green stuff pads, and hand brake cable, also 2 flexi goodridge hoses. Item is listed here - Ebay link
  4. Check your getting power to the switch from the battery using a multi meter, also check the earth connection from the battery to the car, if you have a bad main earth then there is no circuit.
  5. Sorry graham i dont follow (sorry if i'm being slow or missing something)
  6. I agree best hang over snooze there is
  7. Magic about the tank, can you price postage for me, or do you want me to sort out a courier to collect it from you, u2u me please price etc for it
  8. madrallysport


    Just found this on the net Vinegar link
  9. madrallysport


    I just used a drill and wire brush, after i cleaned it with degreaser, it come up a treat. Watching your thread, will you post before and after pictures of your cleaning process please
  10. Oh and i need a dipstick for my 2l pinto as well
  11. I had 2 pumps in my last car, on 2 switch's tee'd together, so if one failed i could get home.
  12. I'm in need of the following parts for my S7 build, thought i'd ask here before i buy new stuff 1. - Petrol Tank 2. - Braket the master cylinder / servo / assembly mounts too 3. - Bonnet This is just for now, thanks Davy
  13. u2u message sent about the bonnet
  14. Happy days, i have a MT75 box as well, came with the engine, but it's a lot longer than the type 9, and the prop i have is the correct lenght and fitting for a type 9.
  15. madrallysport


    Well done, its a class feeling getting the test
  16. PM sent with my contact email
  17. I'm after a few bits and pieces for my S7, thought i'd ask here before i start on ebay and the local scrappy's 1. Sierra wiring loom (or vicki green loom) 2. Pedal box / servo assembly complete 3. Narrow seats 4. Harness 5. Petrol tank for a S7 6. Rear lights there'll be other stuff but i need this stuff soon to get building again Thanks in advance Davy
  18. Thank you, another question for you, what carbs or fuel system are you going to run on your engine?
  19. Hi Would it possible to buy it from you, or even borrow it and get it copied?
  20. Does anyone on here have one of these engines fitted to there car? Couple of questions - 1. Does a type 9 match to this engine, or do i have to use a mt75 box 2. Who makes an exhaust manifold for these engines? Davy
  21. Guys bought the S7 today, got it home, needs a lot of tlc, but i'm after info on one, ie build manual etc if ones avalible, or has any one on here a good build dairy for me to look at, some things just dont look that clear to me, thanks in advance guys Davy
  22. Guys i've found another project, its really cheap (iknow it has to be in this conidtion) but what model is it? See links below for pictures, sorry this is the only pictures i have at present. Hood 1 Hood 2 cheers guys,
  23. Sold the car today, the guy that has bought it is a top bloke, i hope he looks after it, so i now need an unfinished project for my winter month's, so what on offer guys.
  24. Guys, i have a standard ford rachet type self adusting clutch cable, if i space it out on the arm at the box to get more travel will it just self adust this out at the wratchet point, just i'm just not full clearance and i want an easy fix, if there is one.
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