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  1. It is not an easy job as the 1.8 pinto has a sort of ecu on it that controls the ignition timing, when I did mine I binned that and reverted to a points based disributor, bit of a pain, but runs very well.
  2. Flux was £126 for me:- £3k, 3kmiles, SDP, garaged, no claims or cons. Pete
  3. Well after four years of Ill health and poverty I decided It was time to get the Hood back on the road in time for Stoneleigh. Took a new battery £60 (ouch, they've gone up A LOT) over to the lock-up where it was languishing (Rusting), connected it up with 2 Gallons of Tesco's finest in the tank, cranked it over. It cranked for a few seconds then gave up. Plenty of volts on the battery, so checked all the connections, no problem. Further testing, armed with my trusty meter, pointed towards the starter. Took it out, stripped it down, cleaned it and fitted some new brushes (yes I had a spare set). Still nothing!! Ordered a new one online, 24hr delivery, £75, (OUCH!!) Still cheaper and quicker than the local motor factors though. Whilst waiting for that to arrive time to do a few other jobs, hopefully cheaper ones!! The last time it was MOT'd they didn't like my loose seats or springs. Those of you with series 1 cars will remeber the RS 'blue rope' well I never fitted it. Soon rectified and the seats, progress at last. Then I noticed a chipped front headlight, I've got Cibies on mine, so another £35!! Test all the other lights, no rear fog, corroded switch cleaned. No number plate light, corroded bulb. One sidelight out, Ditto. Indicators intermittent, relay contacts corroded. No horn, Faulty Earth. Getting the picture about my lock-up, would be just as well off outside!! New starter arrives, on fitting that I find the heated manifold flange disintegrates!! Homebase do a nice range of plumbing fittings, so that's sorted. (The Hoodie inventivness returns!!) Starter on, Turn Key, Fires Well numerous more tinkerings and it's off for an MOT. Never taken the Hood to this place before, but they were fair with my Golf... A Bloke that looks like Ewan from the garage attemps to shoehorn himself into my Cobra 7's and drives it onto the ramp, doesn't say a word and looks like a right miserable ####. Oh well I'll go home now then shall I. He winds the ramp up, gets his torch out and wanders up and down a couple of times, looking very intently at all the questionable areas on an S1. Then wanders over to me (still looking miserable). He's not jacked it up or taken the bonnet off at this time, boy I would'nt play poker with this bloke, his face is giving nothing away, except maybe a 'no chance of this passing in a hundred years...' Well I just need to do the brakes and the emissions now. (What..... ) But I can't fit in that seat, so I'll have to wait for someone. (he's still giving no clues here). I say "I'll sit in, I usually do, even did in my Golf this year." " Ok" he says, "will it go on these rollers?" "Should do" I says, "it's been on others before". So we do the brakes, I can't see the screen from where I was sitting, so still no clues. Then the emissions, I remind him 'visible smoke' He says well we'll test it anyway, it's easier if it passes, bypassing these machines is a pain. He sticks the probe in, "oooh err misses" I've never had that done before, even I can read 6 point something on the screen!!!! , He leaves it for a while as the screen counts down, then about 10 secs befor the end of the test he whips the probe out. Ahh Now I see, its SO bad he's just going through the motions to get me out ASAP, probably going to declare it 'Unsafe'. So I tentativly ask, How was that? I helped it along a bit he says. If you Just like to go to reception and pay I'll bring your certificate out. (What... ) Is he sure?? A few minuets later it hits me, that's the easiest MOT I've had in 30 years of motoring!! So I thank him and drive home with a big cheesy grin. So a Hundred quid to the Asylum seekers and off for some very PC 4 star!! £1.56 a litre (YIKES!!!!) Those Asylum seekers will be on steak and oyster tonight. See You Sunday Pete
  4. Going Up Sunday, Not sure about detouring over to the M40 though, first run out in 4 years!! See you all there though. Pete
  5. Peejay


    Going up Sunday, not sure about the detour, will be the first run out for 4 years. But will see you there. Pete
  6. Dont forget this stuff too... http://www.leadedpetrol.co.uk/ Pete
  7. I use the Cortina rad, but have it mounted 'in' the nosecone. It's at a fair old angle! I then have a Kenlow fan (blow type) mounted in front of that. Works a treat, no need for an expansion bottle. Pete
  8. Peejay

    Tin Top Insurance

    http://www.quotelinedirect.co.uk/ Have always proved cheapest for me Pete
  9. Peejay

    Spark Plugs

    Hmm NGK's must have improved. Used to have no end of problems with them at high revs in higher gears, misfire would develop after about 2000 miles. Replacing the plugs, which would be clean, cured the misfire. eventually changed to Bosch and never had the problem again. Pete
  10. I Think it depends on the age. Not sure when the cahnged but later ones were definately Stretch Pete
  11. Worth adding to this post, that on some more modern cars the crankshaft bolt can also fail! Happend on my Golf. The RAC Relay Bod said Rovers are prone to it too. I was the third recovery he'd done that day for the same problem. So guess what I'll add to my list of service items when doing a cambelt change in the future.
  12. Peejay


    Simple trick I use is swap a couple of plug leads over, on a pinto because of the unequal lengths, it's best done on the cap, even better if you put some spurious number markings, you'd need to know firing order etc. On my MGB I've even put numbered markings the wrong way round ie 1=4 2=3 etc, as the leads are a similar length when I swap them they look the right way Then ofcourse there's the old trick of removing the rotor arm, or even the whole cap and leads! Pete. PS I am a member, just wont let me upgrade!!
  13. Peejay

    Engine No-go

    It's a resistor that normally runs in series with the coil, but on start-up is bypassed to put full voltage across the coil. Haynes manual should show it on the wiring diagram and give the resistance of it. Pete
  14. Peejay

    Engine No-go

    Is your cold start (ballast resitor circuit working? Pete
  15. Peejay

    Running In A Pinto

    That's pretty much so, though I'd give it a bit firther than 50 miles. No point in putting a top notch oil in that's supposed to make your engine run forever, when your trying to knock the ' sharp edges off' I remember taking the head off an Astra GTE engine a few years back that had done about 10,000 miles and you could still see the honing marks in the bores!!! Pete
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