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  1. Would have liked to come but as 3rd is Mothers Day, will be busy
  2. Hi Stuart, Glad to hear you're on the mend PM sent re sump Paul
  3. Kingpin


    That's excellent news. Christmas starts now!! Well done
  4. Kingpin


    Well done - great result
  5. "Please excuse the sound on the vid, i took it on my phone." Who are you kidding? Sounds great!! Well done
  6. Hi, I'm interested. Is the sump still for sale? Thanks Paul
  7. It depends what package you have got. If you have Sky Sports and/or Movies, you'll have to get it "paired" with your box. A mate gave me his Sky+ box a couple of weeks ago when he upgraded to HD and I couldn't watch these until I phoned Sky to get it paired with my card.
  8. A pen or pencil to tick off the parts against the list as you load
  9. Hi Paul, On the sliding pillar cars I've seen, the brake lines have always gone across the "v-shaped" crossmember at the front. Not sure where else it could go. The wishbone car has a straight bar, which is where I've put mine Paul
  10. Kingpin

    Hoody Raffle

    I've got a bottle of port to add to the haul. Paul
  11. Kingpin

    Bad Day

    Err Dave, Nudge... Thanks
  12. Kingpin

    Bad Day

    Thanks Dave, that would be great Paul
  13. Kingpin

    Bad Day

    Planned on making the brake pipes today, but it was not to be (2B?). First the brake pipe flaring die broke, so I could't get any pipes done. I decided to fit master cylinder and pedal box only to find the clip that secures the pushrod to the brake pedal was missing. Couldn't find it anywhere. I can get another die, but does anyone know where I can get another clip or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance Paul
  14. I think most of the Sub K and 2B's have used a length of angle under the car. Also serves as something to bolt your seats onto. Paul
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