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  1. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Engine running at last.............................Thanks to all that came up with suggestions. It was a combination of loose D plugs and not having the timing near. I checked I had TDC with the cam cover off & then turned the dizzy until the fuel pump switched on. Turned the key & started first time. Unfortunaly I did have the plastic segment break on the throttle cable linkage, probably old brittle plastic. Anyone know I good internet source for Ford Sierra bits?
  2. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Hi DannyWell I managed to get some time out there today. After checking I found that the connections were not too good between the D plugs (thanks for the tip) & now I have NOID light flashing on cranking So, fitted everything back & tried starting, no fire up, checked the plugs and I'm getting fuel. So I have fuel and sparks at plugs. If I leave the engine 20 mins when I try to start I get the engine starting to catch, if you know what I mean, but after that the engine just turns over. Now I know from my first kit car that I had the timing out I'm hoping it might be timing. Anyone know the best method for stting the timing? I'll keep trying Ian
  3. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Hi Steve, I'll check the earths again today. One thing to note, I have gathered a few earths to one good common ponit in the engine bay which I would have thought was logical, I know the Haynes wiring diagram shows different ground points & different Br cables, just a silly thought, for instance conn 40 from the EEC IV shows the brown direct to the battery - where I have gone to this common earth point. In my mind this should not make a difference but I've got to a stage where anything is possible! Danny - As far as checking the injectors I have used the NOID light on cranking, no flashing. Pulled the D connectors and just made sure that every inj plug has continuity. I see what you mean, measure the voltage, if any, is there a level under which they won't operate? Any other suggestions most welcome Ian
  4. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Hi all Well I've now checked all things suggested and still no luck! The signal wire Bl/Y from the dizzy is shielded all the way to the EEC IV except for the first 20mm from the plug, I wrapped some shielding around it just to try. I ran through the test suggested by joel by shorting 1&2 from dizzy plug, every time i shorted I got the fuel pump on but no clicking from the injectors or NOID light, funny enough the spark from the coil HT to earth happened when I removed the wire to 1!I am getting a spark at the spark plugs. I noticed that the battery negative conn was getting hot also during cranking. I've removed and checked the inj harness for damage etc, this seems ok, D connectors seem ok, full continuity to inj plugs. I think the ignition module mounting plate could do with a clean as it is oxidised, does this need to be a good earth to a panel or just does it only act as a heat sink? Any suggestions would be a great help Thanks for looking Ian
  5. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Hi guys Thanks for the replies. I have a NOID light now & after trying no lights are flashing on turning over, so does look like electrical. I have removed insulation & checked wiring, found a small break in the insulation but I think that was isolated ok under the covering, will fix this. Checked all connections back to EEC IV, all ok. That's a good suggestion Joel I will check that, it might have been modified, sorry what do you mean by isolate each terminal in the ford plug onto the dizzy is seperate, or is there something else I need to do? I have 2 EEC IV units and have tried both . Do you think the rail needs earthing? There is a tag on the dizzy, should this be earthed? The TFI is plugged in & wiring seems solid, I will check again though. Thanks for your inputs Ian
  6. IDS

    Pinto No Joy Yet

    Help, please! I have a 2.1lt pinto, fuel injection controled via EEC IV. I can't for the life of me get it started, I've checked all connections to and from the ecu & main sensors coil, dizzy etc but no joy. I now have sparks at all plugs, I think it's a fuel problem as no sign of fuel on plugs. The fuel pump is now working as it should through the relay & ecu, I know that there is fuel up to the rail under pressure. Any suggestions would be most helpfull, perhaps the injectors are not getting signals to open, if so how do I test?. Thanks, Ian
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