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  1. I have one baffle in the tank, and yes it is the original sender from the sierra tank.
  2. Level is fine, just goes up and down an awful lot!!
  3. Hi All, you may be pleased to know that my tank is now in a working. Can anyone tell me if there is much of a fix to the rising & falling fuel level sender? Its so much worse in the tank now compared to the Sierra tank. Same sender, just modified to fit... Thanks! Matt
  4. For your information, the tank is now out. I put a hefty crease in it with the assistance of a tractor jack and it came out through the top. The picture shows my new one in situe. A little prep and its ready to mount.
  5. Hello and thanks for the replies! I am a little concerened about cutting it in any way as I'd rather not be blown up or burnt! Has anyone had any success taking it through a wheel arch at all??
  6. Hello everyone, been a while since I posted on here, just been enjoying the car really! Has anyone any experience of removing the Sierra tank from the Sub K (or 2b) and are they willing to give pointers on how to get it out of what looks like a pretty tight spot? I have no requirement to keep the tank so had considered squashing it to aid removal... Tank is currently laden with 15 lires of fuel but that will be out in no time... Thanks, Matt
  7. Hello, are you the Peter Bell who can provide camber wedges for the RH Sub K Sierra Rear end?

    If so how much?


  8. Yes - the original manifold! Its cracked just up from the pipe mounting point behind the 2/3rd ports. I have seen a few the same now!
  9. would you care to expand on the term flexi pipe and some details!? Me and my Dad have the same non seal problem on both our RH's
  10. Hi All, Need to pick brains here, but it seems there is a problem with Exhaust manifolds on the Pinto cracking, when under stress from the more rigind exhaust design of the robin hood. Does anyone have the same issue and further still does anyone have a good cure?! I have been trying to look into a flexi piece that could be inserted - other than that its a new/second hand manifold every few months!
  11. Hi All, Looking for suggestions as to what side mirrors to use and where is best to put them on the car when using wet weather gear? Matt.
  12. The hose on the Oil Filler Cap is supposed to be drawing air in from the inlet, to place fresh air inside the crankcase. What arrangement do you have under the inlet manifold!?
  13. only number one cylinder? Others have quoted going in between cyls 1&2 and 3&4.....
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