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  1. Count Me in Barry. I know that Steve applied for space for the August show and it was refused due to the lack of turn out for the May show. A bit disappointing as we have supported this show for quite few years.
  2. Paul Could you put me down for Saturday and Sunday camping on Saturday night.
  3. Ian Maycock


    Barry can you find out what diffs are on them?
  4. Apparently, and I am no expert in this field but if you are searching to purchase something on the web most websites use Cookies. these cookies recognise if you are a returning customer. if you were happy with the original price and go back the website adjusts the price upwards assuming you will just pay. My advise is do your research on one devise and then when ready to purchase use a different devise that way you will appear to be a new purchaser. Also, regularly delete all those stored cookies
  5. That looks interesting, particularly the Rose & Thistle tour on the Saturday. The show on the Sunday is near Ullswater.
  6. That's a shame. Apart from the Saturday when there was only 4 on the pitch we have always had a good turn out. A little short sighted if you ask me. Thanks for trying Steve.
  7. Hi Steve Can you please put me down for both days and camping. Maybe this time I wont be camping on my own Ian Maycock Robin Hood 2B E785 KLH
  8. In the past we have camped in the walled garden which is not far from this years pitch
  9. Not such a bast**d then. I take it back
  10. Steamer is correct when he says no two chassis are the same. When I took the sliding pillar of mine the wheel base was 15mm shorter on the drivers side than on the passenger side. I decided not to go for the GBS kits as it was expensive and the top cross member was, in my opinion too intrusive. By using individual brackets for each joint allowed for greater flexibility.
  11. I did my own. Bought the wishbones and fabricated the rest. Quite simple really you just have to make sure the wheel base is the same on both sides. Build in adjustment for caster so you can do final adjustment once you have it set up. It is unlikely you will get the same on each side during the build.
  12. Mark Ian Maycock, Robin Hood, 2B 1988. Reg E785 KLH. Saturday, Sunday and camping. Let hope we get a pitch.
  13. Hi Mark Saturday and Sunday and camping.
  14. Wish I had spotted this before scrapping my old tank. http://conta.cc/20I6JwD
  15. Thanks for your efforts Mark Please add me: Ian Maycock E785 KLH
  16. Is anybody going to this years show?
  17. I have changed mine from the original suspension to coilovers this winter. I had the same problem. I lined the bottom brackets so the vertical sides were parallel to the swing of the suspension arm. As the bolt on the bottom bracket did not line up with the hole in the suspension arm, and to try and line it up would have obviously created a problem I rotated the bottom bracket until it correctly line up over the hole without it being under tension. Just remember to rotate the bracket on each side in opposite directions so the coilovers are as symmetrical as possible.
  18. shop at Waitrose instead. You will get a better class of dent
  19. No problem Simon. Better than what I had before and I like a challenge
  20. I bought a top and bottom cowl of Simon some time ago. only just got around to fitting them. Depending on the column and they may not meet together. Mine fowls on the indicator relay. what i have done is glue some black cloth to the top cowl along the length on both sides and tucked this in the bottom cowl to hind all the wires ect.
  21. We won't be able to keep up with you Dave in your 3.0 V6 monster. That is unless you run out of petrol
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