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  1. graham /debs i will will let you no for debs anyways
  2. bone


    how come lots of peeps going sataday
  3. hi ian yep if no work will go
  4. bone

    New Show For Nwest

    hi you guys mitch yeh should be able to make it for the day 6th june that is what time and where to meet
  5. love it

    1. james 2b

      james 2b

      what happened to you this weekend matey was going to show you a group i found on facebook lol you at newark this weekend?

  6. sorry not got back to you bean working away and also wont beable to goto trackday due to work sorry wanted to try my car out for the first time
  7. cowboy mi tinks should phone vosa and get em to check your car
  8. bone


    hi just had mine re taxed this year on sataday to be right . any way you dont need mot as it is a new car forgetting age related of plate take log book and insurance and i also tookin vosa s pass cert as well wich had date of manufacter 2009 .as well you need mot any time before the date it was tested wich 2012 like mine .this answer comes from me and i phoned swansea up for this so not just saying it hope this helps
  9. hi good turn out at show if you dint make it . i fitted mine at the front with ally bent to fit them to the front square .pain coz nose cone has got to fit as well and theres not much room .they can be fitted flat on top but you will need ducting to get air to flow there . and the fan i just got rad zip ties and fitted stright to rad they come with little foam at front and back so they dont damage anything hope this helps happy building
  10. hi i have a zero and live in salford manchester
  11. not very big rooms then if it was only 28 inch total bet you couldn't stretch your legs hahahahaha.
  12. bone

    How Many Zero Owners?

    that was a long build then why did it take so long hahahaha
  13. ajustment to the bottom on springs looking at pic took cylinder goes to front
  14. meeting on the 4th of feb at preston still
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