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  1. Hi Jeff The best thing to do is to check out some of the build blogs on here..... Tony B and mine are extensive and you can always ask for help.... Don't be afraid to ask any questions.. Good luck with the build. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi Tim I don't think you can adjust the rears... I drove the car to the test centre for retest in a storm and didn't crash So I don't think the wheels are set wrong.. Many thanks Mike.
  3. Hi Tony BUGGER OFF !!!! LOL I just got my log book in the post "AGGGHHHHHHH" !!!!!!!! Thanks Mike
  4. Hi Tony 2nd years insurance!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! LOL Question 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. etc..... Question 13 Have you had a crash in the last 12 months? Answer ummmm Yes (bugger) Oh well....... Can't always be great. Thanks Mike
  5. Hi gdc Yeh it don't take much to spin! LOL Still nice car Andy well done just be careful out there.. Mike
  6. Hi gdc Thanks for that! lol I supose the colour is only use to being on 2 wheel bikes! LOL Mike
  7. Hi Steve The spring is the front drivers side, the rear is still attached!! The drive shaft is broken and the hub and bushes are still attached to the wheel ( the bushes were attached to the wishbones). The parts between the bonnet and noes are the front number plate and I think the other part is a part I fitted under the chassis just in front of the engine. The fuel cut off switch I fitted worked really well and shut the car down.. The rear panel was hit but the fuel tank (as far as I could see) is untouched. When I get the car back I'll fill you all in as to what has been damaged.. If the car did hit the railings as you said that would explain the odd shape in the railings and the bump on the head I got.. The car right behined me stoped and helped (then took pics), When the police asked him if I was driving like a mad man he said "no, he over took us then the rear spun out and he could'nt do anything to stop it" Most of the people I know in salisbury eather seen it or was told what happend and at the local shop they heard I was in hospital with broken legs and allsorts (funny how things get blown out of proportion) still have a bad hip and sore back and a bit of a limp. Thanks Mike
  8. Hi Grizzly I'm not sure..... Did'nt notice anything. Thanks Mike
  9. Hi all Well here is a pic 5mins after crash.... Could'nt park it on the wheel again if I tried... Many thanks Mike
  10. Hi Phil Have you fitted the nose cone yet?? I did the same thing without the nose cone on and it touched.. As soon as the nose was on it held it up and off the engine.. (altho it won't now it's in bits at the local recovery centre!!) LOL Fit the nose and try again without the rad in and check for clearence.. Many thanks Mike
  11. Hi Bob Thats a good question!! I hope to rebuild using some of the parts off the rest of the car thats still in one peice and then get a new chassis, wishbones, new fiberglass and other bits. I just hope that I wont have to iva it at the end?....... Dont worry about hijacking, It's a good question.. Many thanks Mike
  12. mac801123

    New Arrival 2

    Andrew, Ive just read your post. Im so sorry to hear your news, its hard to know what to say. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Deepest sympathy Michael and Melissa
  13. Hi all Thank you all for your kind words and support.... It means so much. Yes the car is a wreck but I got out which is a jolly good advert for the zero kit as a whole it could have gone a lot worse... I think a combination of slightly wet road and not enough physical weight in the kit to give me the traction I needed to get out of the spin with an armful of opposite lock... Will hope to buy the kit back and rebuild and try again (but show it much more respect!!) Many Thanks Mike
  14. Hi Woolly Dented pride.... I noticed when I got out the side where I had my hip was pushed in so I got slightly crushed in the seat, and got a very bad hip at the mo.... The car was very strong in the impact so I still got out and walked away. Many thanks Mike
  15. Hi all Well I got me reg plates yesterday and took it out this morning for it's first run.... Got on to the dualcarraige way went round a right hand bend a slid on the slippery surface and the front caught the kirb and spun me around and backwards in to a bank which I then went up and hit some railings. The car then stopped back on the road ontop of the rear driverside wheel (which was now under me but still upright). I was only doing 40mph as there were other cars around me, but I did manage not to hit anyone else though. Will try to get a pic on here to show the damage, but I think it's totalled..... Oh well I'll just have to start again.. 1 year to build and reg the car, 5mins drive and then 5 hours in A & E.... is'nt life a B1TCH.. Many tanks Mike.
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