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  1. andrewbricknell

    Getting Hot

    Hi I fitted my rad in the nose with an electric but was not happy with the result, in fact it was better in board in the original position. The temp just yo yo's all the time with the fan on and off all the time. If I am stopped the fan comes on and stays on for 3-4 mins it takes alot of juice from the battery and there is not enough to start the car whilst the fan is running! The angle of the rad does not help I guess and I'm sure the spaces around it need to to be blocked to make the air go through the rad. It's all abit of a hastle to me so I'm going to try it back in the original position for now. By the way I bought an adjustable fan switch with its own built in relay from Car builder solutions.
  2. Mike It does not ring any bells, pretty sure it never had that 180 degre bend, just a 90 degre ish bend off the thermostate housing and then a kink to the right up to the rad spigot. I will have a look Saturday. I can make it fit with some hose and ali tube I used to move it in the first place. Thanks Andy
  3. Hi every one I recently changed the position of my radiator in to the cowling on my 3a and fitted an electric fan, I thought it was an excellent job but I am not happy with the cooling and want to put it back to original with the mechanical fan. Only thing is I modified the top hose to extend it, is the original from a Sierra or another vehicle, the rad looks more like a Cortina job, I think its a RH rad Thanks all Andy
  4. [Ahh yes thanks for the advice, I will be rethinking the location
  5. Can anyone tell me what the most suitable (and easiest I hope) feed for a relay to control an electric fuel pump is. I was thinking of using the +ve feed to the coil as I gather this is controlled by the ignition switch, which I tested with the multimeter. As it is all in the same area i was hoping it would be a short cable run to do! This is for the ZX6R carbs I am shortly to fit!! Thanks
  6. Peter I have been playing this afternoon, removed the dizzy and carried out the mod as per the North Westies, just left in the weaker spring, after a bit of road testing I was very pleased with the results, had to keep my eye on the rev counter as revving to 6500 very easy now. It is very fiddly but I would recommend the spring removal via the apertures as per Seans comments, it did the job and saves the hassle of removing the gear. Timing is now set at 14 degrees BTDC with the vacuum disconected and she runs up to 38/40 at 3500rpm. Not sure if this will suffice with the bike carbs though! Thanks for everyones help Andy
  7. Guys Sleepless night in bed last night mulling this over!! I think what I have done is overset the advance at Tickover which then gives me the figure I need later on in the revrange, it is very lumpy at tickover but when i thought about it the motor was running alot sweeter at around 12 degrees but did not give me the performance later through the range, which I have probably over compensated for by over setting the advance. It looks like Bestek is the way to go for the bike carbs, everyone sounds quite impressed with them. Andy
  8. Jess Thanks I will have a look, did you fit it and did it make much of a difference? Andy
  9. Hi Pete I am pretty sure I did have the vacuum disconnected at the time, but you know how forgetful you can get when messing around, I will have another look. Maybe the springs are just a bit weak on my Dizzy, it came off an 84 car so could be up to 25 years old! Andy
  10. Now the complicated bit! I got the timing disc out and marked up the crank pulley from true TDC to check the standard timing first, so I wrote 30/35 and 40 degrees on and warmed the engine up to check the standard settings. Bearing in mind I had set TDC with a DTI to find the true TDC which ended up being 5 degrees retarded from the factory mark on the pulley. I had also spent a good amount of time senting the car up ear and test runs getting to the point where I had best alround performance, well a good deal quicker than last year as in the winter I had gotten hold of another injection head, ported it as instructed by Des Hamill's book with 3 angle valves (standard sizes) 60 thou skimmed off and fitted a Kent 32 fast road cam. The tick over is a bit lumpy but still sits happily at 850 rpm but the engine revs cleanly up to and past 6k! Now to the timing, at tick over with the timing light its at 25 degrees BTDC and reaching 36 at about 3000rpm and topping out at over 40 BTDC at 3600rpm, and this is without any mods to the dizzy! Removing the vacuum advance did not seem to make a huge difference, if any performance was slightly down, but difficult to judge really. I am quite happy with the performance gains but don't know whether to do any more with the Dizzy from the above results, anyone have a view? Thanks
  11. Hi I want to fit bike carbs or sidedraughts, but would need to either change for a non vacuum dizzy or go the Megajolt route. I do remember looking at a website which showed you how to modify one but can not remember where it is, can anyone remind me. Also any comments on experience of the the two, I'm sure Megajolt is the best but do i really want to go the expense and complication when a modified Dizzy will do, I see Burton still sell them so they must be OK! Many Thanks
  12. Thanks very much was the head gasket for a carb model too or are they the same
  13. Hi I have an injection head I am going to put my carbed Pinto, can anyone advise which Gasket kit I use, I have had a look on Ebay at some pitures, the obvious difference is the inlet gasket, but the head looks the same. Can I buy just one set to do the job or do I need a combination, the standard inlet gasget does not look as if it would cover the whole port because of the cut out for the injectors. Thanks
  14. Can anyone advise a good company in the South who has experience of setting up Bike carbs on a Pinto, like Bogg Bros does preferably with rolling road facilities |Thanks
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