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  1. That was the 5th mega tour weve now done and have to say probably one of the best Just to round it off this is the social video of the trip, ie the non driving bits - these are the vids that hopefully encourage others to experience the banter and fun of our great hobby
  2. Excellent vid Andy, stunning scenery and exciting driving - you need to join us in the Dolomites in July !!!
  3. Folks Some of you maybe interested in the SKCC megatrip being planned for next year, if you are then by all means contact me as soon as possible as I'm now taking payments for the crossings etc. Having completed 4 mega trips now, to the Alps 3 times and the Pyrenees, some say we might have exhausted all the options - but next year we are heading down to the Dolomites for a week of driving spectacular passes and Cols. The dates – Friday 3rd July to Saturday 11th July The Cost – Up front I am collecting £200, this includes £156 Eurotunnel (yes they’ve put their prices up) and £20 for the first nights hotel in Nancy – the change goes into the Kitty for food/beer The rest of the trip is using campsites, so you’ll need a tent – however previously we tend to arrive at the campsites and buy a log cabin for the night which works out about the same price per person as a ten – these are subject to availability on the actual day Lunches - we normally use the “kitty” to nip round a supermarket and have lunch at the top of some picturesque mountain pass Evening – we normally end up at a restaurant, which is normally at the campsite for the evening meal and drinkies Normally these trips cost about a grand in total considering all the above plus fuel The Itinerary – Every day is planned as an ITN file that TomTom uses to direct you along the correct route, this has a major advantage because you don’t have to “keep up” or “wait for others”, you can drive at your own pace. Built into the ITNs are “stop” points so every 60 to 80 odd miles we all stop and re-group, the stop points are quite often at café’s (but not always) I also produce a roadbook with a map – the map is no good to accurately navigate by but it gives a general idea of the route – some of us have spare TomToms so if you really want to join but don’t have one we should be able to arrange one from somewhere. Some of you may have followed these trips on SKCC before and youll see how Awesome (I hate that word!!) they are, they are considerably social affairs because of the camping element and massive fun, the roads are what our cars are designed for!! Day 1 – takes us from Calais to Nancy – 226 miles Day 2 - takes us from Nancy – through the Vosges Mountains to Liechtenstein – 300 miles but 238 of these are on a motorway Day 3 - takes us through Switzerland taking in a number of passes including the Umbrail, Stelvio and Bormio – 200 miles Day 4 – takes us down into Italy through the Gavia, Manghen and Brocon passes (plus more) – 200 miles Day 5 – takes us through the Dolomites from Mezzano to Venzone taking in loads more passes – 200 miles Day 5 – looks like a scalextrix route, again about 7 or 8 passes – 190 miles Day 6 – round and round the Dolomites again, about 8 passes in total today – 200 miles Day 7 – heading back north, 2 mountain passes in the morning covering 87 miles then motorway up to Stuttgart – 226 miles Day 8 – the long haul back to Calais from Stutgart using motorways Let me know asap if everyone is interested http://southernkitcars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6271
  4. boggybogstar


    Hi Larry, there are a few major things happening in the next few weeks in this area. This Sunday theres a mass gathering in respect of Remembrance day, each year we have an early run to a breakfast and then a short hop to a small village where we lay a poppy reef round a memorial with the local villagers - who absolutley welcome us with open arms. Next Saturday is "Total Kitcar Live" at Brands hatch, we have 37 cars so far attending that event Why not pop along? details here http://southernkitcars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6516 and here http://southernkitcars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6538 I would suggest your probably in one of the most active areas, RhoCar have always supported these events Thanks
  5. For those that missed it we had a crackin' day, it was great to see such a good turn out. Here's some pics:
  6. Excellent thanks Richard, your post is now approved on SKCC, (its worth doing a second post which Ill approve and then you wont need anymore approvals ;-) ) @Richard M (Steamer) - ive just deleted all my mailbox items so PM should work now!
  7. Thanks Bob (T), ive stuck your name down on the SKCC forum Richard, im not 100% sure if above means your coming or not?? - really hope to see you at the cafe before hand. Soooooo, lets see, beginning of September, at least a month away from SORN season, weather forecast looks fantastic, about 40 odd kits in attendance coming from at least 140 odd miles in different directions and all we have is "3" participants from RHOCAR??? Please, if your at a loose end this weekend it really would be great to see big numbers at this get together, we have a number of runs being organised to get to the cafe for folks to join in if they want - I cant beleive theres only "3" from the whole of the South that are available
  8. OK, good folks, here are details of our annual “big meet” happening this coming weekend at Amberley Museum and it would be great if as many of you as possible could come along – it really is a great chance for folks in the South (or indeed further outposts) to come along a meet like minded folks for a good old get together! When – Well its this Sunday the 7th September Time – Please read the bit below, happy for folks to meet there but would really like this to be a “turn up en masse” event. Where - http://www.amberleymuseum.co.uk/ Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre Houghton Bridge Arundel West Sussex BN18 9LT Cost - £5 entrance So far SKCC have around 35 cars attending the event and we intend to meet at a “well known” local café before running en masse to the event itself, we are meeting at the Chalet Cafe (Henfield Rd, Horsham, Cowfold, West Sussex RH13 8DU). From there we'll have a leisurely drive along to the Museum As we really need to arrive pretty much at the same time at the Museum, we will be aiming to leave the Café at around 10.30am, its likely to take about 40 minutes drive to get to the museum. For 'newbies' or those not so well known in the Club - worth getting to the cafe early, then grab/latch onto whoever then rocks up and introduce yourself and have a natter, far easier than arriving last and not knowing who the heck is who! We have worked up a special deal with the museum, please have cash to pay on entry to the Museum, a fiver per person....payable to them on the gate....postcode for the Museum is BN18 9LT. Tin tops are welcomed if your car is off the road, or shout out for a passenger ride? For those that have attended our previous “big meets” you’ll know what great events they have been, previously we have used Bentley to host these but theres only so many times you can ride round in the model train, Amberley has so much to offer with the added advantage of meeting chums for around the area, which will hopefully encourage more people out throughout the year. Would be great to see folks from this club, go on what else are you going to be doing this Sunday anyway??, that lawn can wait,,,,do you really want to do the Tescos run???, get in the car (its why you have it!!!) and join us for the big meet!! Please PM me – or reply to the post if your coming, we really would prefer to arrive en masse so just let me know what you plan to do Thanks all – hopefully see you on Sunday Further details on the SKCC forum here - http://southernkitcars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6226
  9. Well, youll need deep pockets ;-) The full report can be found here http://southernkitca...&t=6274&start=0 The trip this video is related to is our annual 5 day "luxury" tour, luxury because its always hotels, last weekend I came back from our annual mega trip to tge Alps which was another fantastic success, I just wish I had the same video production skills as my colleagues, unfortunatley I dont so there wont be an Alps vid this year. Its all being done again in 2015, a 5 day tour of France down to Millau and another 8 day tour of the Dolomites via the Bormio pass in Switzerland (by far the best pass in the Alps) If anyone is seriously inteested in joining any of these then please get in touch, sooner rather than later, the dates will be May and July
  10. Hope you enjoy this, it was the work from one of our runners on the recent 5 day Euroblat, hopefully in the next few weeks we will have further vids from our recent Alps and Norway adventures! Enjoy SKCC EuroBlat 2014 - Westfield zetec turbo Kit Car:
  11. No, thats wrong, my S2000 powered Zero is a fantastic machine - and I go forward far faster than i go backwards :-) Mines mated to the stock S2000 (6 speed) box and performs really well, ive read somewhere that you can get a sandwich plate that allows you to use a type 9 but Im not sure what the benefits of doing that would be. S2000 and box is 75kg heavier (I think) than a Zetec and type 9, but mines standard (with S2000 Plenum) and Emerald K6 and obtained 250bhp (flywheel), the torque max's out at 161lb but holds its max from about 3500rpm all the way to 9500 where the limiter is set. Absolutley the best upgrade ive done .....
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