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  1. we just bought the exact same nuts for are hood last week from a1 megastores the very helpfull and are located all over the contry
  2. have you thought about the vauxhall redtop thats what weve just fitted bit ov an old pic but as you can see looks quite nice with gsxr throttle bodies
  3. hi if you give me your email and the full spec ov your engine and the part number ov your injectors i can make a base map for you
  4. siby

    It Lives!

    thanks....a few more nights of graft will make it look more like a car. SVA compliant isnt something werre thinking of just yet. especially on the exhaust front haha we have a nice bike can to mount yet...once we stop our small exhaust leak. Thanks for your encouraging comments....its a good spur on to finally get this up and running. Richard & Si
  5. siby

    It Lives!

    thanks yeh we havent finnished maping the engine yet
  6. siby

    It Lives!

    after months of slaving in the cold the hood finally moves and we dint even have to nock the wall down http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Mlzp9ZAFruI http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3aw1kVhZVRE
  7. try putting you location on your profile there maybe someone local that does't mind coming down to have a look
  8. try just using engine flush
  9. siby

    Boot Cover

    thanks i'll give them a try
  10. ive seen some fibreglass covers for the boot, 1 for either side was just wondering if anyone knew were i could get these from thanks simon
  11. the kit is made by paul banham im currently building a banham x21 for the missus and nothing fits and the company has gone bust so there's no support and nobody seems to use the owners forum so there's no help there either. so personaly id give it a miss
  12. siby

    Need A Job

    i lost it for speeding every interview ive had goes really well, then as soon as i say im banned they just say sorry but i need a licence mechanicing is all ive ever done but it looks like i may be forced to change my career
  13. siby

    Need A Job

    does anyone know where theres any jobs going in the preston area im a mechanic but ive lost my licence so im looking for anything
  14. we have used a rubber gasket on ours, i think this should do the job but its not on the road yet so its not been tested
  15. siby

    Which Engine

    take a look here http://nw.rhocar.org/engineswop.htm
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