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  1. Whatever happened to my car? F495 OJE

  2. as it says in the title. i'm looking for an MOT station in or near peterborough for my 2b that knows what they're dealing with and wont try to take the p*%s. robin
  3. there must be thousands of photo's knocking about somewhere? ther were a good few people taking pics in the in-field. robin
  4. i couldn't agree more to all the previous posts. fantastic day out and didn't rain this year. just a shame the track closed at 3.30 or i'd still be there now! i managed to show my brother-in-law how to drive his supra properly knocking 7 secs off his first time! need a few more of these per year though and maybe a second venue? Rockingham in-field perhaps??!! cheers robin
  5. robin

    Pictures Request

    there's a couple of piccies of mine in my garage/gallery if that helps? robin
  6. hi, dont forget you will need to take the rubber gaitors off the steering rack and thoroughly grease the moving parts as friction/stiff joints will stop it from self-centering. i took mine to a garage to setup properly. slight camber and almost parallel toe setting-ever so slight toe-in. my self-centre test at sva was to put the car at standstill, full lock in either direction and boot it while not holding the steering wheel! self centred almost to a straight line which was more than acceptable. as usual it depends on the sva centre as to what the examiner finds an acceptable amount. robin
  7. mondeo ones are not the same as sierra ones as the mondeo was front wheel drive and the sierra is rear wheel drive. robin
  8. sorry mike, i didn't even think of that. i might still have that knocking about in the garage roof space. it's been such a long time since i took it off! i'll check tonight and let you know. if i do have it i'll post it to you gratis. robin
  9. robin

    Duratec Engine

    hi stuart, i could be wrong but i'm not sure if bike carbs could be setup well enough to pass the emissions test for that age of engine. throttle bodies and megasquirt would be ok though but you're not too keen on them. you'd also need a CAT i'd assume? robin
  10. robin

    Inlet Manifold

    hi, to borrow or to buy? i have a DGAV carb and manifold combo for sale if that helps? robin
  11. you could look at getting lower engine mount rubbers to lower your engine in the chassis and stop the filter touching the bonnet? would definitely need a shortened sump though!!! burtons might be able to help there? robin
  12. robin

    Bike Carb Update

    hi, there's a screw/spring arrangement in between each carb which alters the throttle opening in relation to each other. be warned, this is a lengthy and sometimes frustrating job (to the neighbours especially). start at the throttle cable end first and then move on to the next etc... it really is best to get setup at a rolling road. worth every penny. robin
  13. you can (or used to be able to) buy bits similar for a catering van for "aerodynamic" purposes! why not just buy an elise???!!! robin
  14. hi john, cheque's in the post. robin
  15. i riveted an ali plate under the scuttle gap, grommets for the wiper spindle holes and then you you could silicone seal or other bond some blanking plates under the scuttle where the vents are. this way you wont see them and you can take them off at a later date to fit the windscreen if that's the intention. robin
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