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  1. Many thanks Richard for meeting with me to hand over the tyres. Most appreciated. Dave
  2. Richard, I really want these tyres but your just too far away for me too collect, even meeting halfway would be a big jaunt for a set of tyres for both of us, any chance you could put then in bin bags and post? Paisley freight do tyre specific delivery for £26 I'd gladly pay that
  3. You live some miles away from you Richard, Im in that there London,
  4. Alan, the track is set up for the day as "arrive and drive" in sessions like a normal trackday, (upto 40 cars on track at one time) you just pay £20 per session. As non paying member this year and a non kit car owning member I see both sides, whilst I have given alot of information over the past 3 years I have also taken alot of information from it, I dont see the information within the site a benefit of subscription, what i did pay for is the running costs to provide this information and understood that all the owrk behind the scene cost money, If web space was free and everything that goes with running a forum was free the these people who stand up and commit their own free time would still do it, I dont see SKCC as competition to this club as they both have different agendas and goals, one focusing on run outs and enjoying the spirited driving and the other proviving infomation. If you are referencing this club often then be a gent and contribute a small amount to the running costs, same as at work guys, there is usally one individual at work that never puts in the tea money but drinks more than anyone!!!!!
  5. dinger

    Iphone 4 16Gb

    Have upgraded to a new phone so my 2 year old Iphone 4 16gb is for sale. It has a cracked screen but has not bothered me as I'd probalbly crack it again if it was replaced, It does not affect the use and is in perfect working order despite the screen, £140 delivered recoreded or £135 collected Its on the "three" network, dont know if its unlocked as i've not tried a different sim in there.
  6. dinger

    Not A Kit Car

    Close! but no happy meal, Lol, 4.8is in Le Mans Blue, LOL.
  7. dinger

    Not A Kit Car

    Not a kit car but I have bought a new motor and thought I would share a pic with you, As most fo you know I dont mind a bit of track action, so the new car got a test drive! I'm well chuffed with it, does everything I need and more!
  8. dinger

    Fuel Tank

    Yes, munufactures do as they are plastic tanks, but before plastic tanks most had an external pump, The tank GBS make is very basic and is there to get you going, its fine for normal driving but any track work would require a swirl pot, I threw my tank I got with the kit away and had a better designed one made for very little money.
  9. dinger

    Fuel Tank

    Keep up at the back! Its quite common practice now to have a swirl pot built into the tank so only one pump needed.
  10. Yes, they can be split in the middle
  11. Guys and Gals, Does anyone wnat a couple of cheap sofas, basically our new sofas are arriving early and my brother who was having them cannot take them or store tham for a few months, and i have no where to put them, So they are up for sale cheap, A 2 seater sofa bith reclineing and a 3 seater sofa which has both end chairs reclineing. Take them away before the weekend for £70 collection from Cheshunt Hertfordshire. No rips or tears (could look good in a 2B? )
  12. Best way to test this it to start the car and if you hear a screaching sound for a couple of seconds its almost a certainty that the starter is sticking on the ring gear!
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