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  1. Hi Guys, many thanks for your help and advice in curing my brake light problem. After many hours of circuit testing the fault appeared to be with the 'loom plug' to the near side rear light cluster. I really don't know why as everything is new. However, I've now sorted the problem and I'm legal again. Many thanks. Regards Mike
  2. Did think of that one, however, Just had a check and even with the brake pressure switch disconnected the nearside brake light is still on...
  3. Hi Guys, After cleaning my Zero this morning and putting it away in the garage I was informed that my nearside brake light (only) was permanently on! And the brake lights (both) were not working when I applied the brakes! Tail lights were ok. I have all GBS Plug and Go looms. The bulbs were ok, and so were the fuses. All connectors appear to be secure. Any suggestions as to where I should start looking, would be very helpful. Thanks Mike Amington,Tamworth
  4. Hi, could anyone give me an address/name/website where I can obtain a pair of side panel chrome vents for my Zero? I've seen a couple of members cars sporting them but I've been unable to find a supplier. There was nothing at GBS, Halfords or Europa spares. Thanks, Mike
  5. I'm in need of a heat shield for my Zero (Large) silencer. I spotted something suitable (I think) at the Stoneleigh Show with 'ZERO' either cut out or laser etched, can't remember which, but it was a bit expensive. However, I've had two people burn their legs getting out of the car and I've been told to get it sorted by 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'. I spoke with Richard (GBS) last night and they don't do one as yet. Europa Spares do one but it only has a 5" diameter which is not really big enough to cover the silencer adequately. Does anyone know of a conact where I may be able to get one that will fit? Regards Mike
  6. Hi Guys & gals, I'm just running-in my zero. I have fitted a stainless steel water overflow header tank (GBS supplied). After only a short runn I'm finding I need to top the water level up in the cooling system. Obviously not right. I came up the motorway yesterday and the cooling fan was going at take off speed and the gauge was at its limit! Could the pipes be the wrong way round? Do I have something missing? All parts are brand new. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Regards Mike
  7. Hi KT. It's only been IVA'd two months a go with all new parts. I've just clocked up 22miles so far. The baking efficiency was measured by power to weight ratio and yes it did pass. I will have to try and get someone local to give it a run and see what they think.
  8. michael.lynockm


    Hi guys, Has anyone updated their Zero with a servo? If so which one did you use? Do you have any photo's you could send? My Zero has a terriffic turn of speed with breath taking acceleration. However, it doesn't want to stop very quickly which is frigthening but worse still, dangerous. I've had all the stories about getting used to it, etc but... in the mean time I still have to drive it and it really isn't safe. Any help would be appreciated. regards Mike
  9. Hi all, Many thanks for all your responses. My Zero doesn't have a servo. I was informed that there is no place to fit one. I don't mind cutting a hole in the bonnet if it can be done. If anyone can update me on that one I'd be interested. The brakes did pass the IVA (which was my original question to GBS), it was assessed on a 'power to weight ratio, or so I'm told. At the moment I'll have to go along with 'MudFlap', Press the pedal harder! Many thanks Mike
  10. Hi all, At long last I've completed my Zero and with help from GBS it went through the IVA without too much problem. I'm now a fully fledged 'Hoodie'! My immediate problem is poor braking. The brakes have been bled and there is no air in the sytem. I've washed the discs in spirit to remove any residue. I've removed the brake pads and roughed them up. The master cylinder was a reconditioned Ford Sierra one (all new seals). I've been told the vehicle should stop on a sixpence (old money), unfortunately it doesn't. I've just done a 22 mile run today in the hope of bedding the brakes in but nothing noticable happened. Is it me expecting too much??? Has anyone encountered the same problem? If you did, how did you get around it? regards Mike
  11. Thanks guys for your informative replies. I'm glad to know it's not just me. Back to the garage and the drawing board! many thanks mike
  12. Made my monthly pilgrimage to GBS yesterday and purchased a 'Lower Dash loom' (as I couldn't get any joy from sticking wires into the auxillary switch) and two switches one for the horn and one for the fog lamp. (I thought this was going to be easy) .... I've had to think again! the 'download' from GBS didn't make anysense at all when comparing it to the switch instructions and the coloured wires available from the new loom. I have three cables coming from the new loom. First Cable, (1) Orange & (1) Brown wire, Second Cable (1) Grey & (1) Brown wire Third Cable (1) Purple wire, (1) Yellow wire and a Red wire with a red link. On the switches I have Terminals 1,2,3, A and B respectively. I'd be extremely grateful for any help as to what goes where. Regards Mike
  13. So near and so far away! My Zero is almost ready to meet Simon, GBS, for the final once-over before it goes for the SVA. I thought it about time I actually got into the Zero, made a few BrummBrumm noises and drive it out of the garage. At this late stage, to my horror, I'm finding that with my foot on the accelerator and as far to the right as possible I'm covering the brake pedal too! With my left foot on the clutch pedal I'm finding I'm covering the brake pedal! The pedals are as far apart as they will go at the moment ! The only option is to remove my feet! Anyone encountered the same problem? Regards Mike
  14. Hi Aiden, I've attached a few photos of my Zero screen. I hope you can access it as it is in a 'Word' document. If you can't access it or you want some more photos just get back to me. Regards Mike
  15. Hi KT, Many thanks for the info, I swapped the wires over and I now have all lights working and a running engine! Many thanks Mike
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