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  1. A company I use for my props is Bailey Morris 01480216250
  2. Are there any numbers/names on either the clutch or the Clutch cover, the gearbox might have an aluminum tag somewhere on it, else some numbers in the castings
  3. They are definately Ford Trackrod ends, Probably Sierra but may be Escort
  4. Tdci_Boy

    Smoking Cosworth

    I have recently had a Mondeo do this, plugged my code reader in & the Lambda readings were all over the place, took it to my local mot station for them to tell me the emissions readings, the Hydrocarbons were off the scale, replaced the valve stem oil seals (head in situ) emissions then dropped to just above pass, replaced the poisoned Lambda sensor & all returned to normal.
  5. Tdci_Boy

    Sylvs Burger Bar

    And what a good burger bar she runs too, thanks for the entertaining evening
  6. Just Blanking it off will be fine, cortinas had it blanked off & worked fine, have you check the stat in boiling water to see if it opens at the right temprature.
  7. Do you know anymore details about the car they come from, I have Autodata & may have the wiring diagram for it
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