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  1. chenzo

    Ball Joint

    I have a Robin Hood 2b and i am bit of a novis when it comes to technical descriptions of certain items. Well novis at the whole kit car repairing thing!!! The car failed its MOT on the near side front steering track rod end Ball joint being loose. Im not sure if that is what it is called but it is the ball joint that is at the end of the steering rod. Basicly i can't tighten the nut as it just turns the whole thread round. On my car i have a front set up that looks differnt to others. It is where the suspension slides on a center shaft. Dont know if that will help you understand the set up. I will upload pictures later on. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this as i can't even take the nut off to replace it as it spins round when i try to undo it.. Shaun.
  2. chenzo

    Throttle Cable

    Can anyone tell me where i can geta new throttle cable from for my 2B as it snapped at the weekend.
  3. Can anyone eplain how mots work of kits. Mine failed today on the CO emmissions test. The reading was 5.33% and ive been told the limit is 3.50%. Shaun
  4. I have circled the part i am after and dont know if it is called a bump stop and how to sorce one. It is located at the bottom of the chrome shaft that meets the bottom wishbone. Can anyone help please. Shaun
  5. I guess that some of you can see is that i kept calling the chrome shaft and the spring the shock. I now no what im talking about, i think!!!! I managed to get the parts that i needed from www.greatbritishsportscars.com. Thanks for all your comments. Shaun.
  6. I need a new shock absorber as the thread is cross threaded and a plate is broken off. Any ideas where i can get one from. Shaun.
  7. Got a problem as it is cross threaded on the bottom. Can you help???
  8. I found the problem why my bracket that broke. The nut at the bottom of the shock absorber was loose as it is cross threaded because the washers at the bottom are to thin and it met the end. Please can anyone tell me if i can buy these shocks with the bracket that bolts onto the calliper. If so where do i get them please. Sorry to keep hastleing you all. Regards, Shaun.
  9. Just would like to say thank everyone for the help as i am a newbe to this. Regards, Shaun
  10. Can you tell me if it ok to drive untill i get it fexed, Thanks, shaun
  11. Can you tell me what that bracket does and if its safe to drive
  12. i live near ipswich in Suffolk, I have uplaoded a picture now. I cant work out what it does. The calliper is bolted with two bolts anyway. Shaun
  13. I have just purchased a rh 2b yesterday. Need help as i have noticed that on the front suspension on both sides there is a welded plate that then is bolted to the bottom of the brake caliper. One has completly sheered off and the other has a split in it. Also found that the damper rubs on the wheel on one side when you turn. Dont know what to do and how to resolve it, is this a common fault or have i just bought a duff car. Please can anyone help as i am a novice at this. Spoke to the bloke i bought it off and he didnt really want to know. I will try and put pictures on. If not i can email them to you. Regards, Shaun
  14. chenzo


    I am going to buy A RH 2b on Friday and would like to no if anyone know the 0-60 for one that puts out 145bhp Shaun
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