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  1. You may be better off fitting a fuel pump which matches the carbs, if you do a search on locost builders some people have had similar issues.
  2. Using a std sierra wiring wanting to fit a starter switch, it has a kill switch with 2 conections and a push btton starter with 2 conections. Going to leave the steering lock in place and wanting to take the wires from the switch to the new switch, anyone know which wires or what on the ignition switch? cheeers
  3. kj7

    Bike Carbs

    Well as promised, stripped the carbs down and found the float sticking, now the pump cuts off as last time it pi**ed petrol out. Re set the timing as it has a vernier pulley hard to get the markings right, used the enricher device (choke) and away she went very pleased, need to set the timing out while its running and ballance the carbs. Very pleased
  4. kj7

    Bike Carbs

    The timing is set up as per the book and the car starts with a bit easy start, keep you up to date.
  5. kj7

    Bike Carbs

    A bit of advice please, fully rebuilt 2.0 ohc, home made manifold with z1100 carbs fully stripped. Have a spark but nowt, how far do i turn the mixture screew any thing else to check. I will give Bogg brother a call tomorrow.
  6. kj7

    Pinto Engine Parts

    Try search on e-bay for a company called gaskets for classics, very good and good prices.
  7. Do you still have the car for sale. cheers kj7
  8. kj7

    S7 Chassis Number

    ok thanks for the help i will let him know. He should realy sign up here when he gets his finger out.
  9. kj7

    S7 Chassis Number

    Hi thanks for the replys i will let him know, like i say he bought and will put it through the IVA, just thought that if someone had been using it and it had the chassis number he could apply for the log book. cheers kj7
  10. kj7

    S7 Chassis Number

    Can anyone tell me if the chassis number would have been stamped on a robin hood s7, my brother has bought one and it looks like it has been on the road in the past, but he bought it as an unfinished project. cheers kj7
  11. kj7

    Vacuum Advance

    What dizzy are you using? if its from a 1.6 pinto these are good for a set up with bike carbs as i spoke to H&H about the subject and what he said was set it up about 10deg btdc and take it out and listern for it pinking and if does adjust it to suit. If yoou like they can remove the vac mech from your dizzy and re curve it for you. I dont think that 4 pipes into a small cylinder would work as it would not smoth it out, a few people have discussed this on the locost site, if you do a search on the subject.
  12. kj7


    Hi someone on the locost builders site is selling a full harnes, don't think it was for an injection but only looking for £30.00 + p&p. Nothing to do with me.
  13. Bob i have sent you a pm regarding the wiper motor
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