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  1. Phil, too many questions to answer in writing - i think some pictures will help - send me an email address and i'll send you what i have, or give me a call 07967 725 999 and we can try and sort out what you have. regards Mike
  2. I have the same Dolomite base as you - the pull switch is suspect - first: loosen the red switch cover (unscrew) and work in in and out a few times - this allows the switch contacts to move over a greater distance. Second: unscrew the red cover, and unscrew the switch from the dashboard - disconnect via the six pin plug that is about 75mm down the wires , and try some switch cleaner. Third: buy a new switch from Rimmers 159905A (£50) i've totally rewired my car - running earths from everwhere - there is a lot of uneccesary wire in the loom (heated rear windows, boot light, courtesy lights,
  3. snowman

    Northwest Meet

    Hi, the clocks have changed (and so has the oil) - so where is the April Meet - i've got a pass-out for Thursday 5th but is anyone going to be there at the Poachers? Mike - Clitheroe
  4. Alan, if you still hace the doors i'd be interested Mike - 07967 725 999
  5. snowman

    Hs 6 Twin Carbs

    Hi, I need a pair of HS 6 1 3/4" carbs - ideally from a Triumph Dolomite 1850, but any will do these are for a S7 robin hood thanks Mike 0967 725 999
  6. Hi, Good Luck - Triumph engines at that age don't seem to have engine numbers stamped on them if it is present you'll need to take the inlet manifold off to see it - its between the carb's under the manifold My chassis number is written in weld on the chassis angle running under/alongside the engine good luck
  7. Hi, I have a dolomite based S7 which is nearly on the road (typical hoody comment). I live in Clitheroe, Lancashire if you send me your contact details - you are welcome to come and have a look
  8. Christmas Day and we should be doing the family thing - but we could still play - for only £15.00 have a look at this: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Top-Gear-Ca...nd=core&rh= just the thing for the next winter club meeting Snowman2603
  9. Try Pledge (or somilar furniture polish) - spray it on fairly generously, leave it for three or 4 minutes and wipe it off works for removing most adhesives, price tags etc.
  10. Two Brand New (only be rolled aroung the garage) Wanli S1023 Tyres for Sale Size: 206/60 R15 91 H Reason for Sale: too big to fit under the wheel arches Price £60 the pair + delivery at cost Can be collected from Clitheroe, BB7 1LW Mike Ball, 07967 725 999 mike.kathryn@tiscali.co.uk
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