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  1. Many thanks for your replies - my mate is a sparky so I'll get him and his multi-meter up to have a look! I doubt its mice as the cat also lives in the barn and is a goof mouser...but you never know! Its probably worth mentioning that the car was outside for a few months during the summer / autumn and even though was under a raincover, she still had a bit of a soaking - could this be a factor also? Cheers!
  2. My Hood has been tucked away in the barn for the last few weeks for her winter hibernation and ready for some overhauling. For the last year, the battery has been struggling to hold any charge - I put this down to not using the car every week. Last weekend I put the battery on trickle-charge and left it for the week. This weekend I checked on its progress and nothing. There was no charge in the battery to switch the ignition lights on, let alone start the car. I decided the battery was knackered and pulled it out (after taking off one of the carbs that was in the way first!) I put the battery from my Focus in the Hood to see if she would now start. Nothing. Once again the car was dead. Now I know the battery from my Focus was in perfect working order - so what has gone wrong? The live cable from the batter is in two sections - one goes to the stater motor, the second goes around the car to the cockpit and presumably the ignition. This cable to the ignition has a fuse right next to the battery and the fuse is ok. So why can't I get any power out of the battery? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  3. I notice you don't have any sort of filter or cover over the trumpets in your photo mike - is this the typical way to do it or should the trumpets be covered by something to prevent stuff being sucked in to the jets? Cheers
  4. Sounds good to me!! Cheers!
  5. My S7 has been off the road for a few weeks now while I have been sorting a few jobs that needed doing. She's running quite nicely at the moment but want to make sure I'm getting the full potential out of her. She's running on a 2ltr Pinto (205 block) on twin 40 dellartos. The carbs are breathing through a pair of K&N pancake filters. I've read the previous threads regarding carbs and nobody seems to be a fan of the pancake filters - are tumpets the way forward? And if so, what filter should I use? Some offer a gauze tip, a foam cover while some offer no protection over the top of the tumpet at all!! So confusing!! Any ideas?!!
  6. Thats great - many thanks for all your suggestions!!
  7. I'm having too keep my S7 out on my parents farm yard as there is no longer room in the barn and there is no room outside my house due me and the mrs needing somewhere to park! I've got a raincover on the S7 which I bought from Halfords but has a tendancy to blow off and then the poor car gets soaked! Has anyone got any ideas of how I can keep her dry and weather-proof outdoors? I'm sure I've seen someone somewhere keeping a kitcar in what appeared to me a mini-garage - almost like a big box for the car. Anyone know anything about these? Cheers!!!
  8. I've noticed on the last few times I've taken my S7 out that when I switch the engine off, within two minutes or so the exhaust starts to get smoke coming from it. The first time this happened I thought my engine was on fire! I'm presuming that the smoke is just from build up of soot within the exhaust but I'm not sure. This has happend nearly every time I've switched the engine off, regardless of whether the car has been ticking over from cold for 5 minutes or has been out for an hour-long blast. Anyone got any ideas? She's running on a 2-litre Pinto 205 block with twin-40 dellarto carbs.
  9. Bob, Thanks for your reply, I'll get under the bonnet this weekend and give the jets a good cleaning as suggested and post the jet numbers! Cheers, Justin
  10. Hi, Just a quick note to say hi to everyone, just joined the forum having purchased my first kit car - RH S7 about a fortnight ago!! To say I'm pleased with it would be an understatement!! If anyone is in the Swansea area, drop me a line - be good to catch up with some fellow Hood drivers! Justin
  11. Hi, Having just bought my first Robin Hood, I thought I'd join up and ask a few questions that I need answering! I've bought a stunning S7 powered by a 2-litre pinto. I have to admit I'm rather disappointed with the performance of the engine, so have a feeling that she's not running right and wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction of what things I should be looking at to improve performance. I know the pinto has a fast road cam and its running on twin-40 dellarto carbs. I've had a look at the carb filters and they are pretty dirty so some new filters is definately on the agenda - can anyone recommend some good filters? The car has a tendancy to start "kangarooing" like it has a learner-driver behind the wheel when I'm only slightly on the throttle. I've been told this could be due to the engine having a fast road cam or maybe the timing is out? I've also been told it would be worth getting the carbs balanced. Any experts out there who can shine some light on these issues? Cheers, Justin
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